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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Montag hear a persistent advertisement for while riding the train?
(a) Mildred’s favorite soap opera
(b) Denham's Dentifrice
(c) Morlock's Menties
(d) Glueless Gummies

2. What did a cousin once bet Montag a dime he couldn’t do?
(a) Fill a sieve with sand
(b) Push a rock up a hill
(c) Walk across fire
(d) Swallow a sword

3. What poem does Montag read during his confrontation with Mildred?
(a) A Dream Deferred
(b) Apple Picking
(c) Dover Beach
(d) Sonnet XVI

4. Whose image do advertisers use to sell products?
(a) Jesus’
(b) The Firemen’s
(c) The President’s
(d) No one’s. Images in advertising are banned

5. What does Faber ask Montag to do on his way home from their first meeting?
(a) Get some rest for the fight ahead
(b) Spy on the firehouse
(c) Withdraw money from his bank account
(d) Write out a plan for reproducing books

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Montag explain his disillusionment with society?

2. Whose house is scheduled to be burned at the end of Part Two?

3. On Montag’s first day back at work, what does Beatty try to convince him to do?

4. What does Montag do to finally convince Faber to help him in his quest?

5. How does Beatty treat the stolen book Montag returns?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Beatty want Montag to destroy his home?

2. How does Faber react to the news that firemen are at Montag’s home?

3. What is the meaning behind Section Two’s title, “The Sand and the Sieve”?

4. What is the first glimmer readers see of Montag beginning to think for himself?

5. According to Faber, what has happened to the image of Jesus in their society?

6. What sound startles Montag and Mildred as they leaf through the illegal books, and how do they react?

7. On the phone, how does Faber react to Montag’s request about the books?

8. What tool does Faber give Montag for communication?

9. What does Mildred do when the fire trucks arrive at her house in the beginning of Section Three?

10. What does Faber say about the magical properties of books?

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