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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Montag dread doing with the book he’s taken a special interest in?
(a) Returning it to Beatty
(b) Reading it
(c) Explaining it to Mildred
(d) Burning it

2. Who is Mildred entertaining when Montag comes home from Faber’s?
(a) The next-door neighbor
(b) Captain Beatty
(c) Her girlfriends
(d) Clarisse

3. What does Mrs. Phelps find most interesting about her two children?
(a) The fact that they have different fathers
(b) The fact that they are both Olympic swimmers
(c) The fact that they were both delivered by Cesarean section
(d) The fact that neither of them resemble her physically

4. According to Faber, what is inevitable?
(a) A mindless society
(b) Change
(c) The end of books
(d) Death from the coming war

5. On Montag’s first day back at work, what does Beatty try to convince him to do?
(a) Instigate another book burning
(b) Confess that he’s stolen the books
(c) Turn against Faber
(d) Treat his job more enthusiastically

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Captain Beatty fit into Montag and Faber’s secret plan?

2. What did a cousin once bet Montag a dime he couldn’t do?

3. According to Faber, what don’t people need to be happy?

4. How does Beatty treat the stolen book Montag returns?

5. The next morning, how does Montag feel about his confrontation with Mildred about the poem?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Faber say about the magical properties of books?

2. What is significant about the telephone conversation that pulls Mildred away from Montag and the books?

3. What is the meaning behind Section Two’s title, “The Sand and the Sieve”?

4. According to Faber, what has happened to the image of Jesus in their society?

5. Who is professor Faber, and how does Montag know him?

6. As Montag reads through the illegal books, what sound adds urgency to his search?

7. What information was used to turn Montag in to the authorities, and where did it come from?

8. How does Beatty want Montag to destroy his home?

9. What does Faber feel is an inevitable truth, and how does his belief affect Montag’s plan?

10. What does Montag do with the hidden books after Beatty leaves?

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