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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clarisse do to check whether or not someone is in love?
(a) Read tarot cards
(b) Rub a dandelion on her chin
(c) Read tealeaves
(d) Pull daisy petals

2. What do Mildred and Ann spend their time talking about?
(a) Their husbands
(b) Government censorship
(c) Soap operas
(d) Baking recipes

3. What aspect of Mildred’s personality does Montag most resent?
(a) Her coldness
(b) Her obsession
(c) Her jealousy
(d) Her religious fervor

4. How does Mildred react to the sound when Montag is reading in the kitchen?
(a) She is confused
(b) She is angry
(c) She is afraid
(d) She is uninterested

5. Which of the following facts is true about Clarisse?
(a) She is somber
(b) She is Montag’s neighbor
(c) She has no sense of humor
(d) She is the daughter of a highly placed politic figure

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mildred, who are the only people she trusts?

2. Why doesn’t Mildred want to keep reading the books with Montag?

3. What aspect of Clarisse’s personality takes Montag aback?

4. As Montag listens to Mildred’s conversation with Ann, what does he realize about his wife?

5. What flusters Montag when he arrived at the book burning in the attic?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Clarisse question about Montag’s way of life, and how does he react to her questions?

2. According to Beatty, what was the main goal of the firemen when the book burnings first began, and how does this fit into the new society’s goal?

3. What most enthralls Montag about his job?

4. Why did the book burnings first begin?

5. What does Montag come to suspect about the mechanical firedog at his work?

6. How is Montag treated on his first day back at work after his “illness”?

7. How does Montag react to the fire call at the elderly woman’s house in Section One?

8. What horrifying scene does Montag come home to after escorting Clarisse back to the neighborhood, and what does this lead him to realize about Mildred?

9. What is the hound at work specifically trained to do?

10. How does Montag feel about the elderly woman’s book burning the next morning?

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