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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Phelps find most interesting about her two children?
(a) The fact that they are both Olympic swimmers
(b) The fact that neither of them resemble her physically
(c) The fact that they have different fathers
(d) The fact that they were both delivered by Cesarean section

2. What game does Montag play with his fellow firemen before the confrontation?
(a) Pool
(b) Hopscotch
(c) Cards
(d) Checkers

3. How does Mildred’s guest react to the poem?
(a) By bursting into tears
(b) By slapping Montag
(c) By fainting
(d) By demanding that Montag be quiet

4. How does Montag explain his disillusionment with society?
(a) He says it feels as if something is missing
(b) He says the words of great philosophers before him have infiltrated his mind
(c) He said the elderly woman made his appreciate life for the first time
(d) He says that the impending war has caused him to question government

5. What does Montag dread doing with the book he’s taken a special interest in?
(a) Explaining it to Mildred
(b) Burning it
(c) Returning it to Beatty
(d) Reading it

6. What poem does Montag read during his confrontation with Mildred?
(a) Apple Picking
(b) Sonnet XVI
(c) Dover Beach
(d) A Dream Deferred

7. Whose image do advertisers use to sell products?
(a) The President’s
(b) Jesus’
(c) No one’s. Images in advertising are banned
(d) The Firemen’s

8. For what does Faber feel partially responsible?
(a) How far the book burning has gone
(b) The elderly woman’s death
(c) Montag's discontent
(d) Clarisse’s death

9. What does Montag do to finally convince Faber to help him in his quest?
(a) He tears pages out of the book
(b) He threatens Faber
(c) He brings out a can of kerosene
(d) He threatens to kill himself

10. How does Captain Beatty fit into Montag and Faber’s secret plan?
(a) They want him to be their leader
(b) They want to recruit him
(c) They want to kill him
(d) They want to learn more about him

11. According to Faber, what is inevitable?
(a) Death from the coming war
(b) Change
(c) The end of books
(d) A mindless society

12. Where is Mrs. Phelps' husband?
(a) In prison
(b) Dead
(c) In the military
(d) In rehab

13. How does Faber help Montag during the confrontation with Beatty?
(a) By telling him how to blackmail Beatty
(b) By making prank calls to the firehouse
(c) By whispering advice into his ear
(d) By punching Beatty in the face

14. What does Faber ask Montag to do on his way home from their first meeting?
(a) Withdraw money from his bank account
(b) Spy on the firehouse
(c) Write out a plan for reproducing books
(d) Get some rest for the fight ahead

15. What did a cousin once bet Montag a dime he couldn’t do?
(a) Fill a sieve with sand
(b) Walk across fire
(c) Swallow a sword
(d) Push a rock up a hill

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Faber invent for secret communication?

2. What does Montag hear a persistent advertisement for while riding the train?

3. Which Book does Montag take a special interest in and bring to Faber’s house?

4. According to Faber, what is missing from most people’s lives, causing unhappiness?

5. Whose house is scheduled to be burned at the end of Part Two?

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