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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mildred’s guest react to the poem?
(a) By bursting into tears
(b) By fainting
(c) By demanding that Montag be quiet
(d) By slapping Montag

2. What is Mildred doing when Montag returns home from Faber’s house?
(a) Reading a book
(b) Snooping through his drawers
(c) Talking on the telephone
(d) Watching television

3. Where is Mrs. Phelps' husband?
(a) In prison
(b) In the military
(c) Dead
(d) In rehab

4. What did a cousin once bet Montag a dime he couldn’t do?
(a) Push a rock up a hill
(b) Walk across fire
(c) Fill a sieve with sand
(d) Swallow a sword

5. What does Montag do to finally convince Faber to help him in his quest?
(a) He threatens Faber
(b) He brings out a can of kerosene
(c) He tears pages out of the book
(d) He threatens to kill himself

6. What did Faber invent for secret communication?
(a) A recording devise
(b) An electronic reader
(c) A listening ear bud
(d) A code tapping system

7. Who is Mildred entertaining when Montag comes home from Faber’s?
(a) Her girlfriends
(b) Captain Beatty
(c) Clarisse
(d) The next-door neighbor

8. What does Montag dread doing with the book he’s taken a special interest in?
(a) Reading it
(b) Returning it to Beatty
(c) Explaining it to Mildred
(d) Burning it

9. According to Faber, what don’t people need to be happy?
(a) Love
(b) Books
(c) Religion
(d) Government

10. According to Faber, what is missing from most people’s lives, causing unhappiness?
(a) Quality
(b) Education
(c) Fulfilling jobs
(d) Love

11. What interrupts Montag’s confrontation with Beatty?
(a) The fire hound barking
(b) The building exploding
(c) The fire alarm sounding
(d) The sounds of sirens wailing

12. On Montag’s first day back at work, what does Beatty try to convince him to do?
(a) Confess that he’s stolen the books
(b) Turn against Faber
(c) Instigate another book burning
(d) Treat his job more enthusiastically

13. Whose house is scheduled to be burned at the end of Part Two?
(a) Beatty’s
(b) Montag’s
(c) Clarissa’s
(d) Faber's

14. According to Faber, what is inevitable?
(a) The end of books
(b) Death from the coming war
(c) A mindless society
(d) Change

15. For what does Faber feel partially responsible?
(a) Clarisse’s death
(b) Montag's discontent
(c) The elderly woman’s death
(d) How far the book burning has gone

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Faber help Montag during the confrontation with Beatty?

2. How does Beatty treat the stolen book Montag returns?

3. How does Montag explain his disillusionment with society?

4. What effect is reading having on Montag?

5. How does Faber react to Montag’s decision to read the poem aloud?

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