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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing Montag thinks Mildred needs to understand to be happy in life?
(a) His relationship with Clarisse
(b) Why the government is suppressing knowledge
(c) Why the television personalities are not real
(d) Why she tried to kill herself

2. Which members of society are sent to asylums if caught?
(a) Book owners
(b) Religious fanatics
(c) Thieves
(d) The unemployed

3. What passes overhead that makes Montag feel urgency about his mission to understand?
(a) A white dove
(b) A helicopter
(c) A bomber plane
(d) A shooting star

4. Which of the following causes increased paranoia for Montag?
(a) Clarisse's incessant questions
(b) The way his coworkers assess him
(c) His wife's suicide attempts
(d) The objects hidden in his house

5. Why is Montag so desperate to understand the books?
(a) Because he wants to stand up to the government, and this is the best way
(b) Because he thinks it will make Mildred fall back in love with him
(c) Because he wants to understand why people were willing to die for their books
(d) Because he grew up thinking he was stupid

6. Who actually lights the fire at the attic book owner’s home?
(a) Captain Beatty
(b) Montag
(c) The homeowner
(d) The accusing neighbor

7. What has changed about Montag’s life since the character went missing?
(a) He has been promoted
(b) He has to pick up extra shifts at work
(c) He walks to work alone
(d) He has full reign over the television

8. During their first meeting, what does Montag ask Faber to do to help him?
(a) Move back to the city
(b) Become his teacher
(c) Actively join the rebellion
(d) Lend him money

9. According to Faber, what is the only magical thing in the world?
(a) Friendship
(b) Nothing
(c) Knowledge
(d) Passion

10. Where does Montag appear to be hiding something from his wife?
(a) Under his mattress
(b) In a safe under the bed
(c) In the freezer
(d) Behind the ventilator grille

11. What does the interactive box in the Montag living room allow Mildred to do?
(a) Communicate with Montag while he’s at work
(b) Monitor the security of her home
(c) Interact with the characters on her television shows
(d) Video conference with her family and friends

12. Which of the following is NOT something Montag struggles to understand?
(a) Why the elderly woman killed herself
(b) Whether Mildred is capable of love
(c) How and why Clarisse died
(d) Why no one discusses life’s realities

13. What shocks Montag when he first observes Clarisse's family?
(a) The entire family is awake
(b) The family sleeps with the lights on and the curtains open
(c) They look nothing like Clarisse
(d) The family dresses in rags, though they are rich

14. Why doesn’t Mildred want to keep reading the books with Montag?
(a) Because she can’t read
(b) Because she’s bored
(c) Because she’s intimidated
(d) Because she’s jealous

15. How does Mildred react to the news that Montag has been hoarding books?
(a) She is apathetic
(b) She is confused
(c) She is confused
(d) She is scared

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Montag fear will happen if the dog identifies him as an enemy?

2. What does Montag beg the attic book owner to do before he burns down her house?

3. What do Mildred and Ann spend their time talking about?

4. Why is Mildred grateful when the phone rings during Montag’s tirade about the truth?

5. What does Montag want to find to help him in his quest for knowledge?

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