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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Guymon also found a book that was of great interest to him. What was his about?
(a) Some tales of Great explorers.
(b) His future.
(c) The history of Faerie and the lineage of Gloriana.
(d) A book of spells and potions.

2. What is happening when Britomart finds Amoret?
(a) Amoret is running away from Busirane who is hurling curses at her.
(b) Amoret is tied to a pillar while Busirane casts spells on her.
(c) Busirane has put Amoret under a spell and she attacks Britomart.
(d) Busirane is trying to heal Amoret from some of her previous wounds.

3. What is Guyon's mission?
(a) To gather an army to help fight in the ranks of the Faerie Queene's army.
(b) To find the House of Holiness and cure his weaknesses.
(c) To avenge the death of his parents.
(d) He is to defeat the evil witch Acrasia.

4. Why is Sir Scudamore so happy when Artegall cracks Britomart's helmet in battle?
(a) He sees for the first time that she is a woman.
(b) He sees her beauty and falls in love with her.
(c) It proves that she is not unbeatable.
(d) He hates Britomart and wants her to lose.

5. What was Aemylia doing when she was captured by The Hairy Carl?
(a) Looking for berries.
(b) Running from a group of lusty men.
(c) Meeting her lover in the woods for a tryst.
(d) Following a ray of light that led her to the woods and then disappeared.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Error vomit up as a defense against The Red Cross Knight's attack?

2. Why does The Red Cross Knight abandon Una?

3. What is The Squire's unique quest that he has been sent on by his beloved Columbell?

4. What protects Guyon and the Palmer from the horde of beasts that guard Acrasia's abode?

5. Who took Belphoebe from her sleeping mother's side and raised her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Calidore most worried about, and why?

2. Why would Arthur be so enthralled in a book of history?

3. Why does The Palmer stop Guyon from protecting Pyrochles from Occasion?

4. Who do Talus and Artegall meet on the road home?

5. What were some notable differences between The House of Pride and The House of Holiness?

6. What happens to The Red Cross Knight at The House of Holiness?

7. How is Arthur proving his love to Gloriana?

8. Who are the three knights chasing Samient, and why are they chasing her?

9. What does the Witch do to pacify her son's rejection?

10. What does The Hairy Carl do to his victims?

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