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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6, Canto 12 | Book 7, Canto 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jove allow her to continue her destruction of Man's Golden Age?
(a) She threatens to destroy the Gods.
(b) He is charmed by her beauty.
(c) She deceives them with stories of their hatred.
(d) She promises her hand in marriage if she may continue.

2. What leads Belphoebe back to Timias?
(a) A voice in her dreams telling her where to go.
(b) A hawk.
(c) A turtle dove.
(d) A stag.

3. How does Sansjoy recover after he loses his duel with the Red Cross Knight?
(a) He escapes to the Bower of Bliss, where he heals over time.
(b) He and Duessa convince a physician in the underworld to bring him back to life.
(c) Archimago saves him after Sansjoy agrees to help him destroy Una.
(d) Duessa gives her life in exchange for Sansjoy's.

4. How is The Red Cross Knight finally shown Duessa's true nature?
(a) She is forced to strip in front of him that he might see her evil side.
(b) Una tells him and he believes her.
(c) He follows her and sees her speaking with Archimago.
(d) Duessa reveals herself by mistake.

5. What occupation does Tristram's father hold?
(a) Knight.
(b) Farmer.
(c) Squire.
(d) King.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose castle is Florimell being held captive in?

2. Why does Dolon set a trap for Britomart?

3. What does Marinell hear while wandering around the castle?

4. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?

5. Why do the brigands not sell Patronella with the rest of her people?

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