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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Canto 6 | Book 5, Canto 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lets Radigund defeat Artegall?
(a) When he sees her face after taking off her helmet, he is overcome by her beauty.
(b) Artegall allows himself to lose so that he can study the Amazons from captivity.
(c) She is a better fighter.
(d) Artegall cannot kill a woman.

2. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?
(a) He prefers the simplicity of life away from civilization.
(b) He has been rejected in love and no logner wants to live.
(c) He is distraught over Belphoebe's ill-founded bad opinion of him.
(d) He is ashamed of not defeating The Hairy Carl.

3. What surprise is revealed to Poeana?
(a) She has had two lovers who look alike.
(b) She has magical powers.
(c) Her father forced her lover to be with her.
(d) She is secretly being held hostage by her father.

4. How does Una escape from the lusty Sansloy?
(a) He sees The Red Cross Knight coming, and runs away in fear.
(b) The gentle forest folk hear her cries and come to her aid.
(c) Archimago orders him to stop.
(d) Una finds his sword and injures him.

5. Why was Florimell seen fleeing through the woods?
(a) She was grieved at hearing of the death of her beloved knight.
(b) She was being chased by lusty sorcerers.
(c) She was trying to find someone to help her combat evil men who had attacked her father.
(d) She was trying to catch some men that had stolen precious jewels from her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Britomart so angry about Artegall's predicament?

2. Who is the brother of Pyrochles?

3. What is Artegall's argument for the Giant trying to fairly distribute landmarks and wealth?

4. How does Arthur bribe his way into the castle?

5. Why does Cymochles fight Guymon?

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