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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Canto 7 | Book 3, Canto 8 | Book 3, Canto 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who kills Pyrochles and Cymochles while Guyon is sleeping?
(a) The Palmer.
(b) Arthur.
(c) The Angel.
(d) They kill each other by fighting over who gets to kill Guyon.

2. Who does Una come across in her distress that gives her hope?
(a) Archimago disguised as The Red Cross Knight.
(b) The Red Cross Knight.
(c) Duessa.
(d) Arthur

3. What unlikely protector does Una find?
(a) The Red Cross Knight's brother.
(b) A lion who would have eaten her.
(c) A deaf and dumb enchantress.
(d) An evil serpent.

4. Why does Malbecco refuse to let the knights into his castle and make them sleep in the pig shed on the first night?
(a) He was told in a dream that a group of knights would try to kill his wife.
(b) He hates all knights because his father was killed by an evil knight.
(c) He does not like to let his wife meet new people.
(d) He fears that they may hurt him and his family.

5. How did Braggadochio come across his horse?
(a) He stole it from Guyon.
(b) He found it wandering in the woods.
(c) Belphoebe gave it to him as a reward for finding her.
(d) He inherited it from his uncle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops Guyon from killing The Red Cross Knight?

2. Who does Archimago disguise himself as in an attempt to fool Una

3. How does the Red Cross Knight finally defeat the dreaded dragon?

4. Why did Phedon kill his best friend and his betrothed?

5. Who took Belphoebe from her sleeping mother's side and raised her?

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