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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Canto 7 | Book 3, Canto 8 | Book 3, Canto 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does The Red Cross Knight abandon Una?
(a) He is summoned away by the Faerie Queene in a dream.
(b) He does not abandon her. Una is the one who leaves of her own accord.
(c) Una mocks his strength and ability.
(d) Archimago summons his evil spirit to appear as Una being unfaithful with another man.

2. Why does Pyrochles fight Guymon?
(a) Pyrochles is really Archimago in disguise.
(b) He is upset that Guyon tied up Occasion and kept him from having a good fight.
(c) He is angry that Guyon allowed Furor and Occasion to live.
(d) Guyon defends Phedon, and this angers Pyrochles.

3. How does Una escape from the lusty Sansloy?
(a) He sees The Red Cross Knight coming, and runs away in fear.
(b) The gentle forest folk hear her cries and come to her aid.
(c) Archimago orders him to stop.
(d) Una finds his sword and injures him.

4. What is Britomart's quest?
(a) To aid the plight of Una.
(b) To find Artegall, her future husband.
(c) To regain the throne of her kingdom.
(d) To avenge the death of her brother.

5. What is Guyon's mission?
(a) To gather an army to help fight in the ranks of the Faerie Queene's army.
(b) To find the House of Holiness and cure his weaknesses.
(c) He is to defeat the evil witch Acrasia.
(d) To avenge the death of his parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?

2. How is Orgoglio finally defeated?

3. Why won't the blood on the baby's hands wash off?

4. How is Acrasia captured?

5. Arthur finds a book in the castle that is of great interest to him. What is it about?

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