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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Canto 7 | Book 2, Canto 8 | Book 2, Canto 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the messenger who delivers the engagement-breaking news?
(a) The Dwarf.
(b) Una.
(c) Archimago in disguise.
(d) Duessa.

2. Who does Archimago disguise himself as in an attempt to fool Una
(a) The Red Cross Knight.
(b) Sansjoy.
(c) Abessa.
(d) The Dwarf.

3. Why does Pyrochles fight Guymon?
(a) Pyrochles is really Archimago in disguise.
(b) He is upset that Guyon tied up Occasion and kept him from having a good fight.
(c) He is angry that Guyon allowed Furor and Occasion to live.
(d) Guyon defends Phedon, and this angers Pyrochles.

4. How is The Red Cross Knight finally shown Duessa's true nature?
(a) He follows her and sees her speaking with Archimago.
(b) Una tells him and he believes her.
(c) She is forced to strip in front of him that he might see her evil side.
(d) Duessa reveals herself by mistake.

5. How does Sansjoy recover after he loses his duel with the Red Cross Knight?
(a) Duessa gives her life in exchange for Sansjoy's.
(b) Archimago saves him after Sansjoy agrees to help him destroy Una.
(c) He and Duessa convince a physician in the underworld to bring him back to life.
(d) He escapes to the Bower of Bliss, where he heals over time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mammon return Guyon to the surface?

2. What does the Dwarf find in the basement of The House of Pride?

3. How did Braggadochio come across his horse?

4. Who is almost killed while trying to help defeat Orgolio?

5. Who does Una come across in her distress that gives her hope?

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