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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6, Canto 4 | Book 6, Canto 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the father of Amidas and Bracidas leave his son as an inheritance when he died.
(a) Islands.
(b) A cavern full of riches.
(c) Two castles.
(d) A book explaining the secrets of a happy life.

2. How does The Red Cross Knight rise to battle with the dragon a second day after being tossed aside wounded and almost lifeless after the first long day of battle?
(a) He lands in the Well of Life, which heals his wounds and gives him more power.
(b) He was only pretending to be lifeless so that the dragon would wear himself out in the battle and reveal his weaknesses.
(c) Una brings a member of the House of Holiness to help heal him.
(d) He is strengthened by a dream in which the Faerie Queene shows him the way to victory.

3. Why does Guyon collapse after being returned to the surface?
(a) He has had three days and nights with no food or sleep.
(b) He collapses out of relief for his life being spared.
(c) He feels ashamed for his behavior with Mammon, and collapses in despair and shame.
(d) He sees a dragon and faints out of fear.

4. Who took Belphoebe from her sleeping mother's side and raised her?
(a) The Goddess Venus.
(b) Psyche.
(c) Cupid.
(d) The Goddess Diana.

5. What two things does Calpine leave behind once again?
(a) His helmet and his food.
(b) His armor and his horse.
(c) His sword and his shield.
(d) Serena and Timias.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first person to ever defeat Guyon in a fight?

2. What stops Guyon from killing The Red Cross Knight?

3. Why does Guyon fight The Red Cross Knight?

4. Who falls in love with Artegall while he is in captivity?

5. Who does Marinell's mother ask to help fight the cause of her son's depression?

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