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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6, Canto 4 | Book 6, Canto 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something found on the man-eating monster?
(a) Dog's body.
(b) Eagle's claws.
(c) Woman's face.
(d) Dragon's tail.

2. What makes Geryoneo run away from Belge's castle?
(a) He sees Arthur's shield and is afraid of him.
(b) He sees Arthur kill four men.
(c) He tries to fight, but is overcome by Arthur's fighting ability.
(d) He is out of men to feed to the monster.

3. Why is Belphoebe in the woods instead of at court?
(a) She is hiding from someone.
(b) She prefers wild places to the softness of the court.
(c) She got lost on her journey and is trying to find her way home.
(d) She was abandoned there by her parents.

4. Why was Florimell seen fleeing through the woods?
(a) She was being chased by lusty sorcerers.
(b) She was trying to find someone to help her combat evil men who had attacked her father.
(c) She was trying to catch some men that had stolen precious jewels from her.
(d) She was grieved at hearing of the death of her beloved knight.

5. Who protects Guyon from his enemies while he is unconscious?
(a) An Angel and the Palmer.
(b) The Red Cross Knight.
(c) Phaedra.
(d) Mammon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Geryoneo doing that has caused Belge to come to Mercilla for aid?

2. How does Arthur bribe his way into the castle?

3. Why is Marinell so depressed?

4. How did Braggadochio come across his horse?

5. Why is Sir Scudamore so unhappy when Britomart finds him?

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