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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Canto 12 | Book 5, Canto 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who protects Guyon from his enemies while he is unconscious?
(a) The Red Cross Knight.
(b) Mammon.
(c) Phaedra.
(d) An Angel and the Palmer.

2. Why did Astraea leave the earth?
(a) To avenge the death of his brother.
(b) Man's excessive evils.
(c) To seek solace for deep emotional wounds.
(d) To follow his love.

3. Why is Sir Scudamore so happy when Artegall cracks Britomart's helmet in battle?
(a) He sees for the first time that she is a woman.
(b) It proves that she is not unbeatable.
(c) He hates Britomart and wants her to lose.
(d) He sees her beauty and falls in love with her.

4. What does Marinell hear while wandering around the castle?
(a) An evil plot between two withces to destroy the wedding.
(b) His mother with Proteus.
(c) A song telling him how to contiune on his quest.
(d) Florimell crying for him while in prison.

5. What does Blandamour suggest the prize for the loser should be in his proposed duel with Braggadochio?
(a) A week of servitude.
(b) Exilement.
(c) The broken spear.
(d) Ate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Timias not declare his love for Belphoebe after she heals him of his wounds?

2. What gets in the way of the engagement between The Red Cross Knight and Una?

3. How does Aretegall punish Sanglier for his actions?

4. Who does Marinell's mother ask to help fight the cause of her son's depression?

5. What was Artegall given to help him rescue Eirena?

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