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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Canto 12 | Book 6, Canto 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the names of the two hags who meet Artegall and Talus on the road back home?
(a) Idleness and Impurity.
(b) Jealousy and Distraction.
(c) Envy and Detraction.
(d) Lewdness and Perversion.

2. What protects Guyon and the Palmer from the horde of beasts that guard Acrasia's abode?
(a) Guyon's sword.
(b) The Palmer's staff.
(c) Fervent prayers.
(d) Arthur.

3. How does Arthur bribe his way into the castle?
(a) He threatens to cast spells that Merlin taught him.
(b) He promises to protect them against all enemies.
(c) He uses the giants head which he cut off.
(d) He offers to tell secrets of their enemies that would weaken their defenses.

4. Why does Timias retreat to the woods as a hermit?
(a) He is ashamed of not defeating The Hairy Carl.
(b) He prefers the simplicity of life away from civilization.
(c) He is distraught over Belphoebe's ill-founded bad opinion of him.
(d) He has been rejected in love and no logner wants to live.

5. Who teaches Briana and Crudor the ways of faithfulness?
(a) Purity.
(b) Faithfulness.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Courtesy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Calidore searching for?

2. Arthur finds a book in the castle that is of great interest to him. What is it about?

3. Guymon also found a book that was of great interest to him. What was his about?

4. What leads Belphoebe back to Timias?

5. What was Aemylia doing when she was captured by The Hairy Carl?

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