The Faerie Queene Fun Activities

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Provide the class with a box of random props and have them act out scenes from the book.

Art in Multiple Mediums

Create a piece of art in any medium that portrays one of the basic themes of the book.

Symbolic Processions

Come to class dressed up as one of the figures in one of the processions. Have a parade around the school.

Love Poem

Choose one of the romantic couples and write a love poem from one of the parties to the other.


Write a screenplay for one of your favorite scenes. Be prepared to act it out in class.

Trials: Court is in Session

Hold a trial for Duessa or any of the other villains. Appoint lawyers, a judge and a jury, and witnesses. Have the judge choose the verdict.

Collaboration Art

Have different groups in the class draw different parts of the monster...

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