The Faerie Queene Character Descriptions

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Acrasia - She is the mistress of the Bower of Bliss. It takes two people to destroy her bower.

Archimago - This character is an evil enchanter who uses spells and disguises to lead his victims to sin.

Artegall - He is the Knight of Justice. This character's face was shown in a magic mirror to someone seeking him.

Arthur - This character is in love with someone he has dreamed of but never seen. Excessively moral and virtuous, this charcter serves the Faerie Queene with much ardor.

Belphoebe - This character reared by the goddess Diana and spends much time in the woods as a hunter.

Britomart - A knight who has seen a vision of the someone in a mirror and is searching to find him. This character successfully and surprisingly defeats several men.

Calidore - This character is the last knight to appear...

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