Fade Short Essay - Answer Key

Lisa McMann and Robert Cormier
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1. Why do Janie and Cabel go to school separately?

Janie and Cabel always make sure to go to school separately because they don't want to show others they are together; they need to protect their positions as undercover narcotic officers.

2. How is Janie different from her school mates?

Janie is different from her school mates in a lot of ways, including her ability to enter people's dreams, her undercover job, and the situation she has at home with her mother.

3. What does Janie try to see when her mother is dreaming at the beginning of the book?

When Janie's mother is dreaming at the beginning of the book, Janie enters the psychedelic dream and tries to see the face of the man in the dream because she thinks it might be her father.

4. What is Cabel's occupation?

Cabel has been working for many years now as an undercover narcotics agent in a high school to help weed out the drug and abuse problems that can happen in schools.

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