Objects & Places from Fade

Lisa McMann and Robert Cormier
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Diamond Pendant

Cabel gives Janie this object for her birthday.

Perfumes and Candles

For her birthday, Captain gives Janie a box filled with these.

Miss Stubin's Files

Captain gives Janie these from the police department, which include reports on investigations in which some gifts were used to help the police.

Green Notebook

This tells Janie all the good she can do with her gifts, but it also warns her of the side effects and other aspects of the gifts.

Meatball Sauce and Vegetable Dip

Durbin puts a drug in this at his party in order to drug those who chose not to drink the punch.


This is the chemical abbreviation of a drug known as a roofie.


This is the name of Janie's car.

Study Hall

Janie often falls into other students' dreams while in this class.

Chemistry Fair

Janie convinces a teacher to go to...

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