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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is a Gikuyu man initiated into the religious and sacrificial council?
(a) When his wife is past child-bearing age.
(b) When he becomes an elder.
(c) When three of his sons become warriors.
(d) When two of his daughters marry.

2. What is a name of the Gikuyu God?
(a) Baloo.
(b) Lunai.
(c) Ngai.
(d) Bogai.

3. When does a junior warrior become a senior warrior?
(a) Twelve rain seasons after his weapons are blessed.
(b) After he make his own weapons.
(c) After he takes part in a battle.
(d) After he marries more than five women.

4. What is the fourth stage of the marriage arrangements?
(a) Setting a day to sign the marriage contract.
(b) Sending gifts to the bride's parents.
(c) Holding a feast.
(d) Slaughtering the sheep.

5. How many men do Gikuyu women usually marry?
(a) Two and three.
(b) Fifteen and twenty.
(c) Ten and twelve.
(d) Thirteen and fourteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kenyatta feel the Gikuyu form of education is better than formal education.

2. To what does Kenyatta attribute the rise of different religions?

3. Who leads the initiates to the homestead?

4. What is the Gikuyu word for courtship fondling?

5. What was the first ruler of the Gikuyu people like?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is considered the sound of Ngai's movement? What is his weapon?

2. What does Kenyatta hope his analysis of the educational system of the Gikuyu will help the Europeans understand?

3. What happens once all the dowry animals are paid to the parents of the bride?

4. What does a Gikuyu mother teach her children?

5. Why does Kenyatta defend the clitoridectomy of Gikuyu girls?

6. How many wives does a Gikuyu man usually have? How many husbands does a Gikuyu woman usually have?

7. Where do the Gikuyu worship?

8. What did the Gikuyu constitution state?

9. What are reasons for divorce in Gikuyu society?

10. What happens if rain fails to fall normally?

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