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Henning Mankell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wallander wants his officers to find more background on whom?
(a) Herdin.
(b) Boden.
(c) Borman.
(d) Bjork.

2. What can Wallander see is in store for him when he sees Rydberg's face?
(a) The truth.
(b) Good news.
(c) Something unpleasant.
(d) More work.

3. What is Ebba's role at the police station?
(a) Telephone operator.
(b) Secretary.
(c) PR agent.
(d) Cleaner.

4. What does Wallander know are difficult to solve?
(a) A double death.
(b) Country crimes.
(c) Farm robberies.
(d) Old people's murders.

5. Who does Wallander want Borman to help him find?
(a) Linda.
(b) Herdin.
(c) Johannes' daughter.
(d) Johannes' mistress.

6. What kind of animal does Wallander run over on his way back to Ystad?
(a) A hare.
(b) A peacock.
(c) A rabbit.
(d) A sheep.

7. What did the criminals give the horse to eat?
(a) Hay.
(b) Oats.
(c) Sugar.
(d) Bacon.

8. Rydberg says policemen are susceptible to what kind of illness?
(a) Stomach cancer.
(b) Lung cancer.
(c) Diabetes.
(d) Asthma.

9. What does the immigration Service director accuse the police of practicing?
(a) Leniency.
(b) Nationalism.
(c) Lunacy.
(d) Racism.

10. Who calls Wallander in the morning?
(a) Rydberg.
(b) His father.
(c) Mona.
(d) Linda.

11. Where does Wallander go after the refugee camp?
(a) The hospital.
(b) Home.
(c) The police station.
(d) His father's house.

12. What does Wallander find out about the immigration service in this chapter?
(a) They keep bad records.
(b) They have no qualifications.
(c) They keep the refugees locked up.
(d) They let people go illegally.

13. What does Rydberg say is unusual about the noose?
(a) Its thickness.
(b) Its knot.
(c) Its weaving.
(d) Its texture.

14. Where does the man get his crowbar?
(a) The tool shed.
(b) The stable.
(c) The storeroom.
(d) The closet.

15. What does Wallander wish could talk?
(a) The hare.
(b) The horse.
(c) The cat.
(d) The rabbit.

Short Answer Questions

1. To What is Maria tied?

2. What animal does the man say he usually dreams about?

3. How did Widen's father die?

4. What race of people does Martinsson think committed the murders?

5. What kind of vegetable has been used to insult the refugee?

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