Objects & Places from Faceless Killers

Henning Mankell
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The Noose - This is thought to be Argentinean, one of the clues that the murderers are not native Swedes.

The Lövgrens' Horse - Wallander focuses on this because it seems odd that the murderer gave it hay.

The Briefcase - This is brown and has a cracked handle. It is missing from the crime scene.

The Withdrawal Receipt - When Johannes drops this on the floor, it leads to his death.

Lunnarp - This is the small, quiet Swedish farming village where the Lövgrens are murdered.

Kristianstad - This is the town where Johannes Lövgren's mistress lives.

Union Bank - This is the bank where Johannes Lövgren takes out a large sum of money three days before he is killed.

The Citroën - An Iranian witness identifies the sound of this leaving the scene of the murder of a Somali refugee...

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