Faceless Killers Character Descriptions

Henning Mankell
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Kurt Wallander

He doesn't face up to the problems in his life, which eventually leads him into crisis situations. Four years ago, his daughter tried to commit suicide, and he narrowly saved her life by finding her in time.

Johannes Lövgren

He seems like an ordinary, harmless man. However, he has a hidden past.

Maria Lövgren

She is nearly dead when she is found and rushed to the hospital. She remains unconscious in the hospital; when she briefly awakens before dying, she is incoherent.


She is the woman who lives next door to the murdered couple.


He wakes in the middle of the night because he doesn't hear his neighbor's horse whinnying as usual. He thinks he sees that his neighbors' window is open, which is unusual, and he hears someone calling for help. Going over to investigate, he finds that the window...

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