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Short Answer Questions

1. Which class do Janie and her mother go to in chapter three?

2. Where in the house does Janie end up looking?

3. By chapter nine, Janie returns to the mindset of a(n) ______________.

4. What place do teen couples go to become physical?

5. What does Janie find her mother decorating when she returns to the house after kissing Reeve?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Lizzy? Explain in some detail.

2. Explain what Janie's parents reveal to her about themselves in chapter nine.

3. What happens in Janie's 'daymare' in chapter four?

4. Describe the conversation that Reeve has with Janie while at the Scenic Overlook in chapter two.

5. How does Reeve's and Janie's relationship grow in chapter two?

6. What is Hannah's role within the novel, other than the history the Johnsons provide?

7. Explain why Janie feels that she cannot confide in her friends after her kiss with Reeve.

8. Janie heads outside while Reeve is raking leaves. Describe what happens next.

9. Describe Janie's appearance and how it relates to the title of the book.

10. Describe the situation of Janie's struggle with dialing the 800 number on the milk carton, as it appears in chapter five.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Janie seem to desire a relationship with her real family? Or is it just knowledge of the truth she desires? Explain your reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

Although Hannah is not physically present throughout the novel, she plays an important role. How does Hannah act as a driving force in the novel's action? What is the significance in Hannah's character in regards to Janie's identity?

Essay Topic 3

Purity and innocence are seen as motifs throughout the early chapters of the novel. Explain how these things are illustrated through the text and be sure to use in text citations to support your claims.

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