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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kinsey was was not happy about what she found on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' property. Why?
(a) She thought she might find a dead body nearby.
(b) She thought she might be under surveillance.
(c) She thought her life might be threatened.
(d) She thought she was being ambushed.

2. Dwight Shales drives Kinsey back to the motel after she visits with Tap Granger's widow. Who wants Kinsey to visit him, according to Ann?
(a) Bailey.
(b) Jack.
(c) Royce.
(d) Rev. Haws.

3. What were the names of the staff members that Jean saw a lot of in her last year of school?
(a) Sarah Brunswick and Elva Dunne.
(b) John Clemson and Joleen Granger.
(c) Curtis Pearl and Henry Pitts.
(d) Dwight Shales and Ann Fowler.

4. Kinsey does not find the person she is looking for at the pool hall. She end ups talking to Rick Pearl and his wife. What was his wife's name?
(a) Sharon.
(b) Terri.
(c) Tina.
(d) Cherie.

5. Kinsey has no success tracking Shana at the church or the old apartment. She now goes to talk to Dr. Dunne. What does he admit to?
(a) Having had an affair with Shana in the past.
(b) Lying about his wife's mental illness.
(c) Stealing Bailey's robbery money to finance the hotel.
(d) Knowing more about Jean's death than he will ever tell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens soon after Kinsey makes her phone calls to Shana and Dr. Dunne?

2. What does Kinsey's dinner companion tell her as they eat at the restaurant?

3. What word is on Kinsey's mind as she heads to the Eucalyptus Springs spa?

4. Bailey calls Kinsey shortly after Ori's death. What is his reaction to the news?

5. The doctor's wife that attacks Kinsey injures her arm. How does Kinsey retaliate?

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