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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What staff members did Jean see a lot of during her last year of school?
(a) The principal and the nurse.
(b) The vice-principal and the nurse.
(c) The principal and the guidance counselor.
(d) The vice-principal and the guidance counselor.

2. While Kinsey is checking out particular items on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' spa property, who confronts her with a flashlight?
(a) Elva Dunne.
(b) Detective Quintana.
(c) Dr. Dunne.
(d) Bailey Fowler.

3. What does Kinsey learn from the document she obtains at the courthouse?
(a) That Shana adopted Jean.
(b) The name of the doctor who delivered Jean.
(c) Shana's maiden name.
(d) The name of Jean's father.

4. What does Kinsey overhear from Ori and her housekeeper the morning Ann goes to visit Royce in the hospital?
(a) That people are out looking for Bailey,
(b) That Ori is convinced Royce doesn't really have cancer.
(c) That Royce has over a million dollars in the bank.
(d) That people are buying guns and chain-fences to protect themselves from Bailey.

5. What does Kinsey's dinner companion tell her as they eat at the restaurant?
(a) That he wanted to become a private investigator.
(b) That his wife had been sick for years and had died of multiple sclerosis.
(c) That he hated the town and wanted to leave.
(d) That he wanted to ask Kinsey out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kinsey overhear at the local diner the morning after her threatening phone call?

2. Dwight Shales shows up at Tap Granger's widow's house. What does he tell Kinsey?

3. When Kinsey returns to the motel after her confrontation with Dr. Dunne, she has a call from Jack Clemson. What news does he have for her?

4. The night she was attacked at the spa, Kinsey goes to a local restaurant to eat. Who does she end up eating with?

5. The doctor's wife that attacks Kinsey injures her arm. How does Kinsey retaliate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens at the end of Chapter 24 that sends Kinsey racing back to the motel?

2. The morning after the threatening phone call, what does Kinsey ask Ann in regards to Jean? What does Ann tell her?

3. Why does Kinsey head to the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs spa after she obtains Jean's birth certificate from the courthouse? What happens there?

4. Kinsey decides to go visit Tap Granger's widow, Joleen. What is her impression of Joleen? What does Joleen tell Kinsey about Tap?

5. What does the man who headed the Baptist youth group tell Kinsey about the Reverend Haws? How does he know this?

6. After Kinsey checks out the spa property, who is she confronted by? What does this person tell her? What does Kinsey do?

7. Who shows up when Kinsey was visiting Joleen Granger? What does he tell Kinsey?

8. Who attacks Kinsey at the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs spa? What is she attacked with? How does Kinsey retaliate?

9. What is the reaction of the spouse of the person who attacked Kinsey at the spa? What is the name of this person and what do they tell Kinsey about Jean Timberlake?

10. After running away from the spa property, where does Kinsey end up? What does she talk about with this individual?

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