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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When had Bailey Fowler and Jean Timberlake dated?
(a) When he was twenty and she was a high school freshman.
(b) Before Bailey went to jail for the first time.
(c) When he was twenty and she was a high school senior.
(d) When they were in their first year of college.

2. At Jean's old high school, where does Kinsey find photos of her?
(a) In the graduate photo hall of honor.
(b) In old school newspapers.
(c) In old yearbooks.
(d) In the student council office.

3. After leaving the spa for the first time, where does Kinsey go?
(a) To the gym.
(b) To the pool hall.
(c) To the local newspaper office.
(d) To do some shopping.

4. Where is Bailey at the beginning of the book?
(a) Staying with his parents.
(b) Living in San Diego.
(c) In jail waiting to be arraigned.
(d) In jail doing five years for fraud.

5. What does Shana deny to Kinsey concerning Jean?
(a) That she was dealing drugs.
(b) That she was looking for her biological father.
(c) That she had hated her mother.
(d) That she was failing in school.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the men escaped from the courtroom, what happened to them?

2. What is the result of Kinsey's anger with Royce?

3. After talking to Ann about her parents, where does Kinsey go hoping to find Shana Timberlake?

4. After she visits Shana, how does Royce make Kinsey angry?

5. What problem does Ann have with her mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Ann Fowler and her mother get along? In Chapter 3, how do we know that Ori might be racist?

2. After Royce is taken to the hospital, Kinsey has tea with Ann and finds out about her unhappy childhood. When Kinsey goes to her room for the night, what does she discover? How is the situation handled?

3. After losing her phone connection with Bailey, who calls Kinsey? What is the result of this call?

4. Who joined Kinsey and Pearl in the bar and what did Kinsey learn from him? What happens at the end of the conversation?

5. What does the lawyer tell Kinsey about Bailey's first brush with the law, before Jean's death?

6. After her visit to the high school, Kinsey heads over to the San Luis Obispo jail to meet with Bailey Fowler. What is his mood and what does he say about Jean?

7. Why is Royce Fowler particularly interested in proving his son's innocence with Kinsey's help?

8. Where does the Fowler family live? List the three family members who live there and briefly describe each one.

9. After visiting Bailey in jail, Kinsey returns to the motel and has a glass of wine with his sister, Ann. What does Ann tell Kinsey about her parents' early life? What are Ann's views on Jean's death?

10. While at the high school, who does Kinsey talk to and what is the result?

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