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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shana tell Kinsey about her relationship with Jean just before she died?
(a) They had become distant because of Jean's lifestyle.
(b) They were close but Jean had taken to sneaking out of their apartment.
(c) That Shana had been against Jean leaving town for college.
(d) It was close but Jean preferred staying with her aunt.

2. After having tea with Ann, Kinsey goes to her motel room. What does she discover?
(a) That her air conditioner has broken.
(b) That the cleaning woman spilled cleaning fluid all over the carpet.
(c) That someone turned on the water in her room and flooded it.
(d) That someone has broken into her room.

3. What does Shana deny to Kinsey concerning Jean?
(a) That she was dealing drugs.
(b) That she had hated her mother.
(c) That she was looking for her biological father.
(d) That she was failing in school.

4. What does Kinsey notice about the hot tubs at the spa she visited after Bailey's escape?
(a) That they have names like "Serenity" and "Meditation".
(b) They are the most expensive money can buy.
(c) They are named after colors.
(d) They need cleaning.

5. How does Kinsey express her anger with Royce?
(a) She tells him if he doesn't like the way things are, he could hire someone else.
(b) She threatens to call the police.
(c) She tells him she wants off the case.
(d) She bad-mouths him to Ann right in front of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man who burst into the courtroom do, before hauling Bailey out of the courtroom with him?

2. Ann Fowler tells Kinsey she is on a leave of absence from her job. What is her job?

3. What is Bailey's attitude when Kinsey first meets with him?

4. What does Kinsey think about as she drives back to Floral Beach to work on Bailey's case?

5. Bailey was picked up in Los Angeles not long before Kinsey was hired. Why?

Short Essay Questions

1. After returning from her visit with Shana, Kinsey has dinner with the Fowlers. What dramatic events happen?

2. KInsey finally gets to talk to Shana about Jean. What does she find out?

3. What does the lawyer tell Kinsey about Bailey's first brush with the law, before Jean's death?

4. Kinsey goes to the local bar and sits with the owner, Curtis Pearl, known as Pearl, who tells her something about the night of Jean's death. What does he tell her?

5. Where does Kinsey live and what are her current living conditions?

6. Kinsey heads to San Luis Obispo. Who does she go to see there? How is she received at his office? What surprising detail does he tell her at the end of their visit?

7. What does Kinsey find out from Ori when she has her first chance to talk to her?

8. What were the circumstances of Bailey Fowler's arrest in Los Angeles a few weeks before Kinsey is hired?

9. After visiting the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs spa, Kinsey returns to the pool hall. What does she find out what happened to Tap after their conversation the night before?

10. After visiting Bailey in jail, Kinsey returns to the motel and has a glass of wine with his sister, Ann. What does Ann tell Kinsey about her parents' early life? What are Ann's views on Jean's death?

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