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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens soon after Kinsey makes her phone calls to Shana and Dr. Dunne?
(a) Ori begins to convulse.
(b) Ori vomits profusely,
(c) Ori slips into a coma.
(d) Ori has a heart attack.

2. Rick's wife leaves the pool hall as they are talking and Kinsey runs into her when she returns to the motel. What does she tell Kinsey?
(a) That Kinsey better leave town or she'd be sorry.
(b) That Curtis Pearl had threatened to kill his son if he told the truth.
(c) That Rick was telling the truth about when he saw Bailey and Jean.
(d) That Rick was lying about what time he'd seen Bailey and Jean the night she died.

3. What does Tap Granger's widow tell Kinsey about the gun he had at the courthouse?
(a) It was illegal.
(b) He'd had it since he was ten years old.
(c) It was not his gun.
(d) It did not work.

4. What does the doctor at the spa tell Kinsey about Jean?
(a) That she had come to him asking for an abortion.
(b) That she was very lazy and incompetent.
(c) That she was in love with him.
(d) That she wanted to work there permanently.

5. Kinsey leaves the restaurant and her dinner companion behind and heads to the pool hall. Who does she hope to see there?
(a) Curtis Pearl.
(b) Shana Timberlake.
(c) Ann Fowler.
(d) Jerry Lee Haws.

6. Why does Kinsey go to the Baptist Church after she finds the item outside Shana's apartment?
(a) She needs to use a washroom.
(b) She needs to clarify a religious question.
(c) She believes the information in it points to something found at the church.
(d) It is the closest building to Shana's apartment.

7. What information is in the item that Kinsey finds outside Shana's apartment?
(a) Someone has written a meeting time and place.
(b) An address for a Floral Beach married man.
(c) A reference to Jean's baptism.
(d) A phone number marked "Urgent".

8. Kinsey decides to visit the man who had headed the group Jean belonged to. What was his position in town?
(a) He was a store owner.
(b) He was a pharmacist.
(c) He was a lawyer.
(d) He was a veterinarian.

9. What does Kinsey realize about the threatening phone call after she is told about the motel's phone system?
(a) That everyone in the motel has been lying to her.
(b) That she must have been imagining it all.
(c) That it must have been made within the motel.
(d) That it must have come from outside the motel.

10. Having no success at the Baptist Church, Kinsey heads to the apartment where the Timberlakes lived when Jean died. What does she notice there?
(a) Mail addressed to Shana.
(b) Clothing in the style of seventeen years earlier.
(c) A stairway behind the apartment that leads up to a road above.
(d) A crate full of empty liquor bottles.

11. What word is on Kinsey's mind as she heads to the Eucalyptus Springs spa?
(a) Serenity.
(b) Harmony.
(c) Levity.
(d) Sanctuary.

12. What does Ann tell Kinsey about Jean's relationship with Bailey's parents?
(a) They all hated each other.
(b) Jean had never met Bailey's parents.
(c) That they got along and they were very fond of Jean.
(d) She liked Bailey's parents but they didn't like her.

13. What does Ann tell Kinsey that Jean had told her about Jean's relationship with Bailey?
(a) Jean only complained about him a bit because Ann was his sister.
(b) Jean had never talked to Ann about Bailey.
(c) Jean had told Ann that she was not in love with Bailey.
(d) Jean had told Ann that Bailey was the father of her child.

14. Kinsey heads for the spa after she is finished looking at the courthouse document. Whose office does she go to?
(a) Dr. Hakim.
(b) Dr. Dunne's.
(c) Dr. Pearl.
(d) Dr. Poletti.

15. Who speculated that Ori's insulin had been replaced by something she was allergic to?
(a) Kinsey.
(b) Detective Quintana.
(c) The housekeeper.
(d) Ann.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kinsey goes back to her motel after running into Rick's wife. A phone call wakes her up in the middle of the night. What does Kinsey realize about the call?

2. When Kinsey phones Doctor Dunne's office, she really just wants to speak to the nurse receptionist. What is she trying to find out?

3. After the doctor finishes his shower, how does he respond to Kinsey's questions about Jean Timberlake?

4. What does Kinsey's dinner companion tell her as they eat at the restaurant?

5. After Ori's death, Kinsey goes to Shana's apartment. Shana is not home but what does Kinsey find outside?

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