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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kinsey realize about the threatening phone call after she is told about the motel's phone system?
(a) That everyone in the motel has been lying to her.
(b) That it must have been made within the motel.
(c) That she must have been imagining it all.
(d) That it must have come from outside the motel.

2. Kinsey decides to leave Ori and her housekeeper to their gossip about Bailey and visit Tap Granger's widow. What is her name?
(a) Jodie.
(b) Joleen.
(c) Lurleen.
(d) Megan.

3. What does Ann tell Kinsey about Jean's relationship with Bailey's parents?
(a) They all hated each other.
(b) Jean had never met Bailey's parents.
(c) That they got along and they were very fond of Jean.
(d) She liked Bailey's parents but they didn't like her.

4. What does Dr. Dunne admit to Kinsey after she hounds him about it?
(a) That he paid Tap Granger to spring Bailey from the courthouse.
(b) That Elva was not his wife; he was secretly married to Shana.
(c) That he was Jean's father.
(d) That he was Shana's father.

5. What does Kinsey overhear from Ori and her housekeeper the morning Ann goes to visit Royce in the hospital?
(a) That Royce has over a million dollars in the bank.
(b) That people are out looking for Bailey,
(c) That Ori is convinced Royce doesn't really have cancer.
(d) That people are buying guns and chain-fences to protect themselves from Bailey.

6. Kinsey goes back to her motel after running into Rick's wife. A phone call wakes her up in the middle of the night. What does Kinsey realize about the call?
(a) It is a threatening call made on a tape recorder.
(b) It is a long distance call.
(c) It is a woman's voice.
(d) It is a man's voice.

7. Kinsey has no success tracking Shana at the church or the old apartment. She now goes to talk to Dr. Dunne. What does he admit to?
(a) Stealing Bailey's robbery money to finance the hotel.
(b) Lying about his wife's mental illness.
(c) Having had an affair with Shana in the past.
(d) Knowing more about Jean's death than he will ever tell.

8. At the end of Chapter 24, Kinsey talks to Ann. Why does Kinsey feel she better get back to the motel as soon as possible?
(a) Ann is hysterical with grief.
(b) Royce has taken a turn for the worse.
(c) Ann's behavior and what she said raise Kinsey's suspicions.
(d) She remembers she left her purse there.

9. The man who had headed the group Jean joined laughs at Kinsey's idea that Jean might have been interested in him. Why is this?
(a) He was of a different religion.
(b) He says Jean was only liked attractive guys - he has a large scar on his face.
(c) He says she was only interested in athletes and he had no talent for sports.
(d) He was dating her best friend at the time.

10. Kinsey leaves the restaurant and her dinner companion behind and heads to the pool hall. Who does she hope to see there?
(a) Shana Timberlake.
(b) Curtis Pearl.
(c) Ann Fowler.
(d) Jerry Lee Haws.

11. What does Kinsey's dinner companion tell her as they eat at the restaurant?
(a) That he wanted to ask Kinsey out.
(b) That he wanted to become a private investigator.
(c) That his wife had been sick for years and had died of multiple sclerosis.
(d) That he hated the town and wanted to leave.

12. What are Kinsey's thoughts about what she sees at the Timberlake's old apartment building?
(a) Shana still goes there occasionally.
(b) That Jean used to meet boyfriends there.
(c) That it was not a good place to bring up a teenager.
(d) The place badly needs cleaning and renovating.

13. The doctor's wife that attacks Kinsey injures her arm. How does Kinsey retaliate?
(a) She pulls her hair.
(b) She kicks the woman in the shin.
(c) She pushes her down and sits on her.
(d) She punches the woman in the jaw.

14. Kinsey decides to visit the man who had headed the group Jean belonged to. What was his position in town?
(a) He was a lawyer.
(b) He was a store owner.
(c) He was a veterinarian.
(d) He was a pharmacist.

15. Kinsey heads for the spa after she is finished looking at the courthouse document. Whose office does she go to?
(a) Dr. Poletti.
(b) Dr. Hakim.
(c) Dr. Pearl.
(d) Dr. Dunne's.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Kinsey is checking out particular items on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' spa property, who confronts her with a flashlight?

2. What does Kinsey overhear at the local diner the morning after her threatening phone call?

3. When Kinsey phones Doctor Dunne's office, she really just wants to speak to the nurse receptionist. What is she trying to find out?

4. When Kinsey returns to the motel after her confrontation with Dr. Dunne, she has a call from Jack Clemson. What news does he have for her?

5. After visiting the man who headed the youth group, Kinsey goes to the courthouse. What does she get there?

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