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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kinsey asked Ann who knew about Ori's allergy. What did Ann respond?
(a) That only the family and Ori's doctor knew about it.
(b) That only she and Ori's doctor knew about it.
(c) A lot of people knew about it.
(d) That only she and Royce knew about it.

2. When Kinsey returns to the motel after her confrontation with Dr. Dunne, she has a call from Jack Clemson. What news does he have for her?
(a) That Ori will leaves everything to Bailey.
(b) That Bailey is in Los Angeles.
(c) That Bailey wants to surrender.
(d) That Mrs. Haws has been sheltering Bailey in the church.

3. What does Kinsey find inside a small storage compartment of mechanical equipment on the spa property?
(a) Bailey's body.
(b) A stash of cash.
(c) A gun.
(d) Shana's body.

4. Dwight Shales shows up at Tap Granger's widow's house. What does he tell Kinsey?
(a) That Tap had owed him a lot of money.
(b) That he was having an affair with Tap Granger's widow.
(c) That he got permission for her to look at Jean Timberlake's school records.
(d) That she better stay out of the investigation.

5. Who does Kinsey ask about the phone call?
(a) The housekeeper.
(b) Ori.
(c) The motel's night manager.
(d) Ann.

6. What does the person who confronted Kinsey on the spa property tell her?
(a) To get out of the area before she got herself killed.
(b) That Bailey Fowler was in police custody.
(c) That Bailey is on the property and the police had been called.
(d) That it was time for Kinsey to turn herself in.

7. The man who had headed the group Jean joined laughs at Kinsey's idea that Jean might have been interested in him. Why is this?
(a) He was dating her best friend at the time.
(b) He says she was only interested in athletes and he had no talent for sports.
(c) He was of a different religion.
(d) He says Jean was only liked attractive guys - he has a large scar on his face.

8. What was Ori allergic to?
(a) Amoxicillin.
(b) Direct sunlight.
(c) Penicillin.
(d) Sulfa drugs.

9. What does Kinsey learn from the document she obtains at the courthouse?
(a) The name of Jean's father.
(b) Shana's maiden name.
(c) The name of the doctor who delivered Jean.
(d) That Shana adopted Jean.

10. Kinsey has no success tracking Shana at the church or the old apartment. She now goes to talk to Dr. Dunne. What does he admit to?
(a) Stealing Bailey's robbery money to finance the hotel.
(b) Knowing more about Jean's death than he will ever tell.
(c) Lying about his wife's mental illness.
(d) Having had an affair with Shana in the past.

11. The man who headed the youth group tells Kinsey that Jean was involved with a married man. Who was it?
(a) Dwight Shales.
(b) Joseph Dunne.
(c) Reverend Haws.
(d) Jack Clemson.

12. What does the angry person do to Kinsey after showing up at the restaurant?
(a) Screams obscenities at her.
(b) Threatens her with physical harm.
(c) Ignores her and start talking to her dinner companion.
(d) Slaps her.

13. Who shows up at the restaurant where Kinsey is having dinner? Why is this individual angry?
(a) Shana Timberlake. She hates Kinsey's dinner companion.
(b) Ann Fowler. Kinsey didn't tell her she was not eating at the motel.
(c) Shana Timberlake. She says Kinsey is trying to steal her man.
(d) Ann Fowler. She accused Kinsey of stealing money.

14. What time had Bailey told Kinsey that he'd been on the beach with Jean the night she died?
(a) Eleven thirty.
(b) Ten o'clock.
(c) Midnight.
(d) Eleven o'clock.

15. The doctor's wife that attacks Kinsey injures her arm. How does Kinsey retaliate?
(a) She pushes her down and sits on her.
(b) She kicks the woman in the shin.
(c) She punches the woman in the jaw.
(d) She pulls her hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ann tell Kinsey that Jean had told her about Jean's relationship with Bailey?

2. What does Ann tell Kinsey about Jean's relationship with Bailey's parents?

3. When Kinsey goes through Jean's old high school records, what does she notice about the girl?

4. While Kinsey is checking out particular items on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' spa property, who confronts her with a flashlight?

5. Tap Granger's widow tells Kinsey that he had recently come into some money. How did she say he got the money?

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