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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the person who confronted Kinsey on the spa property tell her?
(a) That Bailey Fowler was in police custody.
(b) To get out of the area before she got herself killed.
(c) That Bailey is on the property and the police had been called.
(d) That it was time for Kinsey to turn herself in.

2. What happens soon after Kinsey makes her phone calls to Shana and Dr. Dunne?
(a) Ori has a heart attack.
(b) Ori begins to convulse.
(c) Ori vomits profusely,
(d) Ori slips into a coma.

3. At the end of Chapter 24, Kinsey talks to Ann. Why does Kinsey feel she better get back to the motel as soon as possible?
(a) Royce has taken a turn for the worse.
(b) She remembers she left her purse there.
(c) Ann's behavior and what she said raise Kinsey's suspicions.
(d) Ann is hysterical with grief.

4. What does Rick specifically tell Kinsey about Jean's last night?
(a) That Jean had gone home well before midnight.
(b) That she gave him a ride home.
(c) He says that Jean and Bailey arrived at the beach at midnight.
(d) That he saw Jean with Tap Granger.

5. Kinsey has no success tracking Shana at the church or the old apartment. She now goes to talk to Dr. Dunne. What does he admit to?
(a) Stealing Bailey's robbery money to finance the hotel.
(b) Lying about his wife's mental illness.
(c) Having had an affair with Shana in the past.
(d) Knowing more about Jean's death than he will ever tell.

6. How is the local newspaper reacting to the Bailey Fowler/Jean Timberlake case?
(a) They are ignoring it.
(b) They are covering it extensively.
(c) They are taking sides against Bailey Fowler.
(d) They are selling sensational stories to the big city papers.

7. What are Kinsey's thoughts about what she sees at the Timberlake's old apartment building?
(a) The place badly needs cleaning and renovating.
(b) Shana still goes there occasionally.
(c) That Jean used to meet boyfriends there.
(d) That it was not a good place to bring up a teenager.

8. How does the doctor react to Kinsey's injuries that his wife inflicted on her?
(a) He tosses her some bandages and tells her to leave.
(b) He calls a taxi for her.
(c) He becomes very concerned and bandages her up.
(d) He laughs at her.

9. What does Tap Granger's widow tell Kinsey about the gun he had at the courthouse?
(a) It did not work.
(b) He'd had it since he was ten years old.
(c) It was not his gun.
(d) It was illegal.

10. Why does Kinsey go to the Baptist Church after she finds the item outside Shana's apartment?
(a) She needs to use a washroom.
(b) She needs to clarify a religious question.
(c) She believes the information in it points to something found at the church.
(d) It is the closest building to Shana's apartment.

11. Why is Rick so sure of the time he saw Bailey and Jean the night Jean died?
(a) He got off work early that night.
(b) He got off work at midnight that night.
(c) He had been keeping his grandmother company and was on his way home.
(d) He looked at his watch.

12. What does Kinsey overhear at the local diner the morning after her threatening phone call?
(a) That Royce Fowler had just died.
(b) What some of the local people would do if they found Bailey on their property.
(c) Who the father of Jean's baby really was.
(d) That Tap Granger had been paid by someone to free Bailey.

13. Kinsey was was not happy about what she found on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' property. Why?
(a) She thought her life might be threatened.
(b) She thought she was being ambushed.
(c) She thought she might be under surveillance.
(d) She thought she might find a dead body nearby.

14. What was the person who confronted Kinsey on the spa property holding?
(a) A gun.
(b) A knife.
(c) A tennis racket.
(d) A camera.

15. What does Ann tell Kinsey that Jean had told her about Jean's relationship with Bailey?
(a) Jean had told Ann that Bailey was the father of her child.
(b) Jean had never talked to Ann about Bailey.
(c) Jean only complained about him a bit because Ann was his sister.
(d) Jean had told Ann that she was not in love with Bailey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kinsey find inside a small storage compartment of mechanical equipment on the spa property?

2. Kinsey decides to visit the man who had headed the group Jean belonged to. What was his position in town?

3. Kinsey heads for the spa after she is finished looking at the courthouse document. Whose office does she go to?

4. When Kinsey phones Doctor Dunne's office, she really just wants to speak to the nurse receptionist. What is she trying to find out?

5. What information is in the item that Kinsey finds outside Shana's apartment?

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