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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kinsey do after getting off the phone with Jack Clemson?
(a) Goes for a walk.
(b) Goes for a run.
(c) Goes for a drive with Dwight Shales.
(d) Goes for a drive a lone.

2. Kinsey was was not happy about what she found on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' property. Why?
(a) She thought she might be under surveillance.
(b) She thought she might find a dead body nearby.
(c) She thought her life might be threatened.
(d) She thought she was being ambushed.

3. Why is Rick so sure of the time he saw Bailey and Jean the night Jean died?
(a) He got off work at midnight that night.
(b) He looked at his watch.
(c) He had been keeping his grandmother company and was on his way home.
(d) He got off work early that night.

4. After badgering him about Jean, what does Dwight Shales admit?
(a) That he was her father.
(b) That he had an affair with Jean before she died.
(c) That he had served time for assaulting a woman.
(d) That he wanted to date Kinsey.

5. What are Kinsey's thoughts about what she sees at the Timberlake's old apartment building?
(a) That it was not a good place to bring up a teenager.
(b) Shana still goes there occasionally.
(c) That Jean used to meet boyfriends there.
(d) The place badly needs cleaning and renovating.

6. The man who headed the youth group tells Kinsey that Jean was involved with a married man. Who was it?
(a) Jack Clemson.
(b) Reverend Haws.
(c) Dwight Shales.
(d) Joseph Dunne.

7. What does Tap Granger's widow tell Kinsey about the gun he had at the courthouse?
(a) He'd had it since he was ten years old.
(b) It did not work.
(c) It was not his gun.
(d) It was illegal.

8. The man who had headed the group Jean joined laughs at Kinsey's idea that Jean might have been interested in him. Why is this?
(a) He says Jean was only liked attractive guys - he has a large scar on his face.
(b) He says she was only interested in athletes and he had no talent for sports.
(c) He was of a different religion.
(d) He was dating her best friend at the time.

9. How is the local newspaper reacting to the Bailey Fowler/Jean Timberlake case?
(a) They are covering it extensively.
(b) They are ignoring it.
(c) They are taking sides against Bailey Fowler.
(d) They are selling sensational stories to the big city papers.

10. What word is on Kinsey's mind as she heads to the Eucalyptus Springs spa?
(a) Levity.
(b) Sanctuary.
(c) Serenity.
(d) Harmony.

11. After visiting the man who headed the youth group, Kinsey goes to the courthouse. What does she get there?
(a) A copy of Jean's adoption record.
(b) A copy of Jean's birth certificate.
(c) A copy of Jean's arrest record.
(d) A copy of Jean's marriage license.

12. What staff members did Jean see a lot of during her last year of school?
(a) The vice-principal and the nurse.
(b) The vice-principal and the guidance counselor.
(c) The principal and the nurse.
(d) The principal and the guidance counselor.

13. What does Kinsey find inside a small storage compartment of mechanical equipment on the spa property?
(a) Shana's body.
(b) A stash of cash.
(c) A gun.
(d) Bailey's body.

14. After investigating what she found on the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs' property what does Kinsey decide to do?
(a) Check out the swimming pool's changing cabins.
(b) Check out the miniature golf ornaments on the property.
(c) Check out the hot tubs that were scattered around the property.
(d) Check out the bird houses and bird baths.

15. When Kinsey phones Doctor Dunne's office, she really just wants to speak to the nurse receptionist. What is she trying to find out?
(a) If Dr. Dunne's medical credentials are real.
(b) If the doctor still had Jean Timberlake's medical records.
(c) If he was the father of Jean's child.
(d) What the rates are for using the spa for one visit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bailey calls Kinsey shortly after Ori's death. What is his reaction to the news?

2. Dwight Shales shows up at Tap Granger's widow's house. What does he tell Kinsey?

3. Kinsey asked Ann who knew about Ori's allergy. What did Ann respond?

4. When Kinsey returns to the motel after her confrontation with Dr. Dunne, she has a call from Jack Clemson. What news does he have for her?

5. What happens soon after Kinsey makes her phone calls to Shana and Dr. Dunne?

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