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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Bailey feel he got burned on his first case?
(a) He went to trial and got one to ten years.
(b) His lawyer didn't show up for the trial.
(c) His parents wouldn't pay for a good lawyer.
(d) His partner in crime testified against him.

2. Kinsey goes for a run when she gets home from her first meeting with Royce. Where does she run?
(a) Through her neighborhood.
(b) On the beach.
(c) Through Ocean View trailer park.
(d) On the country roads outside of town.

3. What does Shana say about the money Bailey and Tap had acquired through their criminal activity?
(a) That she knew nothing about it.
(b) That Shana suspected Bailey still had it.
(c) That Jean had spent it on a car before she died.
(d) That the Fowlers had used it to repair the motel.

4. Kinsey speaks to a large blond woman the first time she visits the spa. Who was this woman?
(a) A tennis pro.
(b) The wife of the owner of the spa.
(c) A nurse.
(d) A fitness instructor.

5. What is the result of Kinsey's anger with Royce?
(a) He falls and hits his head.
(b) He has a coughing fit and can't breathe.
(c) He has a stroke.
(d) He has an epileptic seizure.

6. Ann Fowler tells Kinsey she is on a leave of absence from her job. What is her job?
(a) A high school guidance counselor.
(b) An accountant.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A nurse.

7. Kinsey finally decides to visit Shana in her small apartment. What has Shana been doing?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Writing letters.
(c) Working in her garden.
(d) Crying.

8. Why does Kinsey feel uneasy about Henry Pitts?
(a) She thinks he is overcharging her on rent.
(b) She thinks he might have a shady past.
(c) She lost her parents as a child and doesn't want to become attached to him.
(d) She thinks she might be falling in love with him.

9. On the phone to him in her new motel room, what does Kinsey try to talk Bailey into doing?
(a) Turning himself in.
(b) Running away with her.
(c) Leaving the state.
(d) Seeing his father one last time.

10. What kind of job did Bailey hold during the years he was the run?
(a) He was in sales.
(b) He was a district manager for a clothing company.
(c) He was a plumber.
(d) He was a teacher.

11. What time did the eyewitness say Bailey and Jean were seen at the beach the night she died?
(a) Around eight thirty.
(b) At ten o'clock.
(c) At eleven o'clock.
(d) Midnight.

12. What is the name of the motel Kinsey will call home during Bailey's case?
(a) Orange Grove Motel.
(b) Floral Beach Motel.
(c) Hospitality Court.
(d) Ocean Street Motel.

13. The day after talking with Tap Granger, why does Kinsey go with Royce to the courthouse?
(a) To see Bailey's arraignment.
(b) To watch the trial of a local drug trafficker.
(c) To search for Jean's death certificate.
(d) To watch Bailey's trial.

14. What does Bailey's lawyer tell Kinsey when she runs into him at the courthouse?
(a) That it is up to her - she must come up with something that will prove Bailey's innocence.
(b) That she is too attractive to be a private investigator.
(c) That she is incompetent.
(d) That she should return to her home town to avoid being killed.

15. How much time did Bailey serve for his first charge?
(a) Eighteen months.
(b) Six months.
(c) One year.
(d) Two years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Royce brings another person with him when he interviews Kinsey. Who is it?

2. After leaving the spa for the first time, where does Kinsey go?

3. When Kinsey sees Shana for the first time, why is she surprised?

4. While Kinsey is looking at the pamphlet for Eucalyptus Mineral Hot Springs, what does Ann Fowler tell her?

5. After meeting Oribelle and Ann for the first time at the motel, where does Kinsey go?

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