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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of Kinsey's anger with Royce?
(a) He falls and hits his head.
(b) He has a coughing fit and can't breathe.
(c) He has a stroke.
(d) He has an epileptic seizure.

2. What is Bailey's attitude when Kinsey first meets with him?
(a) He was indifferent and apathetic.
(b) He was depressed and despondent.
(c) He was calm and confident.
(d) He was optimistic and upbeat.

3. While Kinsey is looking at the pamphlet for Eucalyptus Mineral Hot Springs, what does Ann Fowler tell her?
(a) That she hates her brother.
(b) That Jean Timberlake had worked there.
(c) That she believes Bailey killed Jean.
(d) That she doesn't think the truth of the case will ever come out.

4. The evening of her angry confrontation with Royce, Kinsey has tea with Ann. What does Ann tell her about her childhood?
(a) That she was sickly and her parents were not affectionate.
(b) That is was restrictive living in a motel.
(c) That she was the most popular girl in town.
(d) That it was very happy and her parents favored her over Bailey.

5. What kind of life does Tap tell Kinsey he is living now?
(a) He is trapped in an unhappy marriage.
(b) He loves his wife but doesn't want to be a father.
(c) He hates his job and wants a new career.
(d) He is respectable, and married with children.

6. When Kinsey returns to the Fowler's motel, what does Ann tell her about her parents?
(a) That they had never wanted children.
(b) How they met on a train.
(c) That they had a lot of money stashed away.
(d) That they met at a carnival.

7. When Kinsey sees Shana for the first time, why is she surprised?
(a) She looks exactly like Jean.
(b) She looks a lot like Kinsey.
(c) That she looks young for her age.
(d) She is very beautiful.

8. What had happened to Kinsey's residence during her last case?
(a) It had been damaged in an earthquake.
(b) It had been bombed.
(c) It had suffered heavy flood damage.
(d) It was destroyed by fire.

9. Royce believes Bailey is innocent and has a good reason to want his innocence proven soon. What is it?
(a) Royce is dying of cancer.
(b) Bailey stands to inherit a lot of money if he's innocent.
(c) Bailey owes him money.
(d) Royce knows the real killer is about to leave the country.

10. What does Bailey's lawyer do while Kinsey talks to him?
(a) Talk on his phone.
(b) Eat a pizza.
(c) Run on his treadmill.
(d) Shave.

11. Bailey's first criminal charge involved another individual. What was his name?
(a) Mel Lemay.
(b) John Clemson.
(c) Danny Haws.
(d) Tap Granger.

12. At Jean's old high school, where does Kinsey find photos of her?
(a) In the graduate photo hall of honor.
(b) In old school newspapers.
(c) In old yearbooks.
(d) In the student council office.

13. What does Oribelle (Ori) Fowler suffer from?
(a) Heart disease and diabetes.
(b) Cancer and lupus.
(c) Arthritis and diabetes.
(d) Arthritis and cancer.

14. After Kinsey meets with Bailey's lawyer for the first time, Kinsey goes to the high school that Jean attended. What is the name of the high school?
(a) San Luis Obispo High School
(b) Central Coast High School
(c) Lincoln High School
(d) Santa Teresa High School

15. What is the name of the motel Kinsey will call home during Bailey's case?
(a) Ocean Street Motel.
(b) Orange Grove Motel.
(c) Floral Beach Motel.
(d) Hospitality Court.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bailey's lawyer tell Kinsey when she runs into him at the courthouse?

2. After the men escaped from the courtroom, what happened to them?

3. Which of the following was not true about Jean?

4. What does Shana tell Kinsey about her relationship with Jean just before she died?

5. What does Kinsey notice about the hot tubs at the spa she visited after Bailey's escape?

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