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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had happened to Kinsey's residence during her last case?
(a) It was destroyed by fire.
(b) It had been damaged in an earthquake.
(c) It had suffered heavy flood damage.
(d) It had been bombed.

2. What does Shana say about the money Bailey and Tap had acquired through their criminal activity?
(a) That the Fowlers had used it to repair the motel.
(b) That Shana suspected Bailey still had it.
(c) That Jean had spent it on a car before she died.
(d) That she knew nothing about it.

3. After Bailey escapes, Kinsey returns to the motel with Royce. A lot of people show up, including one that Kinsey instantly disliked. Who was this person?
(a) Reverend Haws.
(b) Ori's sister.
(c) Elva Summers.
(d) June Shales.

4. Kinsey goes to visit Shana, who takes a shower. What does Kinsey do while Shana is in the shower?
(a) Read Shana's diary.
(b) Snoop through her purse.
(c) Make some phone calls.
(d) Tidy up Shana's place.

5. What does Shana deny to Kinsey concerning Jean?
(a) That she was dealing drugs.
(b) That she was looking for her biological father.
(c) That she was failing in school.
(d) That she had hated her mother.

6. Why did Bailey feel he got burned on his first case?
(a) His lawyer didn't show up for the trial.
(b) He went to trial and got one to ten years.
(c) His partner in crime testified against him.
(d) His parents wouldn't pay for a good lawyer.

7. Where is Bailey at the beginning of the book?
(a) In jail waiting to be arraigned.
(b) In jail doing five years for fraud.
(c) Staying with his parents.
(d) Living in San Diego.

8. What does Bailey's lawyer tell Kinsey when she runs into him at the courthouse?
(a) That she is incompetent.
(b) That she is too attractive to be a private investigator.
(c) That it is up to her - she must come up with something that will prove Bailey's innocence.
(d) That she should return to her home town to avoid being killed.

9. On the phone to him in her new motel room, what does Kinsey try to talk Bailey into doing?
(a) Turning himself in.
(b) Leaving the state.
(c) Running away with her.
(d) Seeing his father one last time.

10. Where does Kinsey go after returning Royce to the motel after Bailey's escape?
(a) To the Sunshine Spa.
(b) To the Floral Springs Hotel.
(c) To the Eucalyptus Mineral Springs Hotel.
(d) To the Santa Teresa Inn.

11. The evening of her angry confrontation with Royce, Kinsey has tea with Ann. What does Ann tell her about her childhood?
(a) That she was sickly and her parents were not affectionate.
(b) That is was restrictive living in a motel.
(c) That she was the most popular girl in town.
(d) That it was very happy and her parents favored her over Bailey.

12. What crimes that he and Bailey were involved in does Tap talk about the second time Kinsey meets him?
(a) Running scams.
(b) Passing bad checks.
(c) Extortion.
(d) Armed robbery.

13. Which of the following was not true about Jean?
(a) She was a college student when she died.
(b) She had worked at the Royce's motel.
(c) She was illegitimate.
(d) Her mother still lived in town.

14. After she visits Shana, how does Royce make Kinsey angry?
(a) He tells her he wasn't going to pay her.
(b) He tries to tell her how to run her investigation.
(c) He tells her she is not bright enough for the job.
(d) He tells her that she shouldn't talk to Shana.

15. What kind of job did Bailey hold during the years he was the run?
(a) He was a plumber.
(b) He was a teacher.
(c) He was a district manager for a clothing company.
(d) He was in sales.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kinsey feel uneasy about Henry Pitts?

2. Kinsey finally decides to visit Shana in her small apartment. What has Shana been doing?

3. When Kinsey sees Shana for the first time, why is she surprised?

4. What does Kinsey find out while Shana is in the shower?

5. In the Royce's motel lobby, Kinsey finds a pamphlet for the Eucalyptus Mineral Hot Springs. What does the pamphlet advertise?

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