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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25 and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Kinsey sees Shana for the first time, why is she surprised?
(a) She looks exactly like Jean.
(b) That she looks young for her age.
(c) She looks a lot like Kinsey.
(d) She is very beautiful.

2. When Kinsey returns to the motel after her confrontation with Dr. Dunne, she has a call from Jack Clemson. What news does he have for her?
(a) That Bailey is in Los Angeles.
(b) That Bailey wants to surrender.
(c) That Ori will leaves everything to Bailey.
(d) That Mrs. Haws has been sheltering Bailey in the church.

3. What does Kinsey notice as she heads back to the motel after talking with Dwight?
(a) She has lost her gun.
(b) Police cars, with sirens going, that must be looking for her.
(c) It is pouring rain.
(d) Curtis Pearl is following her.

4. After she returns to the motel, who does Kinsey see wandering the halls, weeping and sighing?
(a) Miss Maude.
(b) Ann Fowler.
(c) Mrs. Haws.
(d) Royce Fowler.

5. After seeing the principal, Kinsey goes to see Bailey. What does he tell her Jean was doing at the time of her death?
(a) Learning sign language.
(b) Dating his son.
(c) Looking for her biological father.
(d) Applying for colleges.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the motel Kinsey will call home during Bailey's case?

2. What does Ann tell Kinsey about Jean's relationship with Bailey's parents?

3. Kinsey has to live with Henry Pitts while her place is being renovated. Who is Henry?

4. What does Tap tell Kinsey happened with the proceeds of his and Bailey's crimes?

5. While Kinsey is talking to Bailey on the phone in her new motel room, what does he do?

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