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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After visiting with Shana at her apartment, what does Kinsey do?
(a) She has dinner with the Fowlers.
(b) She goes to a movie with the Fowlers.
(c) She plays cards with the fowlers.
(d) She goes shopping with the Fowlers.

2. What problem does Ann have with her mother?
(a) Her mother is very hard to please.
(b) Her mother never lets Ann out of her sight.
(c) She won't let Ann give her her medicine.
(d) It is impossible to lift her mother.

3. After Kinsey meets with Bailey's lawyer for the first time, Kinsey goes to the high school that Jean attended. What is the name of the high school?
(a) San Luis Obispo High School
(b) Central Coast High School
(c) Santa Teresa High School
(d) Lincoln High School

4. The doctor's wife attacks Kinsey at the spa. What does she attack her with?
(a) A golf club.
(b) A tennis racket.
(c) A yoga mat.
(d) A metal bar.

5. What does the angry person do to Kinsey after showing up at the restaurant?
(a) Screams obscenities at her.
(b) Ignores her and start talking to her dinner companion.
(c) Threatens her with physical harm.
(d) Slaps her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kinsey do in the doctor's office while he is in the shower?

2. Kinsey leaves the restaurant and her dinner companion behind and heads to the pool hall. Who does she hope to see there?

3. Where does Kinsey usually live?

4. What kind of job did Bailey hold during the years he was the run?

5. After talking to Ann about her parents, where does Kinsey go hoping to find Shana Timberlake?

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