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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kinsey notice about the hot tubs at the spa she visited after Bailey's escape?
(a) They are named after colors.
(b) That they have names like "Serenity" and "Meditation".
(c) They are the most expensive money can buy.
(d) They need cleaning.

2. Kinsey is hired to investigate a crime that Bailey Fowler was accused of committing seventeen years against Jean Timberlake. What was he charged with?
(a) Voluntary manslaugter.
(b) Vehicular homicide.
(c) Murder.
(d) Manslaughter.

3. What does Oribelle (Ori) Fowler suffer from?
(a) Arthritis and cancer.
(b) Cancer and lupus.
(c) Arthritis and diabetes.
(d) Heart disease and diabetes.

4. While Kinsey is looking at the pamphlet for Eucalyptus Mineral Hot Springs, what does Ann Fowler tell her?
(a) That Jean Timberlake had worked there.
(b) That she doesn't think the truth of the case will ever come out.
(c) That she believes Bailey killed Jean.
(d) That she hates her brother.

5. After meeting Oribelle and Ann for the first time at the motel, where does Kinsey go?
(a) To Salton Beach.
(b) To Santa Teresa.
(c) To Los Angeles.
(d) To San Luis Obispo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crimes that he and Bailey were involved in does Tap talk about the second time Kinsey meets him?

2. After talking to Kinsey, Tap leaves to go to the bathroom. What happens after that?

3. A man named Royce hires Kinsey to investigate the case. How is he connected to Bailey?

4. Royce brings another person with him when he interviews Kinsey. Who is it?

5. Who is the owner of the spa Kinsey goes to visit?

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