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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 3-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was not true about Jean?
(a) She was illegitimate.
(b) Her mother still lived in town.
(c) She had worked at the Royce's motel.
(d) She was a college student when she died.

2. After meeting Oribelle and Ann for the first time at the motel, where does Kinsey go?
(a) To Santa Teresa.
(b) To San Luis Obispo.
(c) To Los Angeles.
(d) To Salton Beach.

3. Bailey's first criminal charge involved another individual. What was his name?
(a) John Clemson.
(b) Tap Granger.
(c) Danny Haws.
(d) Mel Lemay.

4. Where do Royce Fowler and his wife live?
(a) In a house across the highway from the motel.
(b) On the entire ground floor of the motel.
(c) In a separate bungalow on the property.
(d) In their motel, in an apartment behind the main desk.

5. In the Royce's motel lobby, Kinsey finds a pamphlet for the Eucalyptus Mineral Hot Springs. What does the pamphlet advertise?
(a) A convention hall.
(b) An exercise and diet center.
(c) A serenity retreat.
(d) Mud baths, hot tubs, and rooms.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Kinsey gets home from her run after her first visit to Floral Beach, what does she do?

2. Why does Kinsey feel uneasy about Henry Pitts?

3. When had Bailey Fowler and Jean Timberlake dated?

4. Ann Fowler tells Kinsey she is on a leave of absence from her job. What is her job?

5. Bailey was picked up in Los Angeles not long before Kinsey was hired. Why?

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