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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jean joined a certain group just before she died because she was interested in the boy who headed it. Who was he?
(a) John Clemson.
(b) Darren Montgomery.
(c) Dennis Shales.
(d) Jeremy Haws.

2. How is Shana Timberlake related to Jean?
(a) She is her mother.
(b) She is her cousin.
(c) She is her sister.
(d) She is her aunt.

3. The man who headed the youth group tells Kinsey that Jean was involved with a married man. Who was it?
(a) Joseph Dunne.
(b) Jack Clemson.
(c) Dwight Shales.
(d) Reverend Haws.

4. What are Kinsey's thoughts about what she sees at the Timberlake's old apartment building?
(a) That Jean used to meet boyfriends there.
(b) The place badly needs cleaning and renovating.
(c) That it was not a good place to bring up a teenager.
(d) Shana still goes there occasionally.

5. What does Tap Granger's widow tell Kinsey about the gun he had at the courthouse?
(a) It did not work.
(b) He'd had it since he was ten years old.
(c) It was illegal.
(d) It was not his gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Having no success at the Baptist Church, Kinsey heads to the apartment where the Timberlakes lived when Jean died. What does she notice there?

2. Kinsey meets Tap Granger for the second time at a local business with the owner of the establishment. What is the man's name?

3. Dwight Shales shows up at Tap Granger's widow's house. What does he tell Kinsey?

4. What does Kinsey find out had happened to Tap after he went to the bathroom?

5. What is Bailey's attitude when Kinsey first meets with him?

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