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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were Filip and Maurice taken after being caught at the tea vats?
(a) To the tower with Schlage.
(b) Near the gallows area.
(c) To Vacek's office.
(d) Opposite the blockfuhrer's room.

2. What did the green triangle on the uniform of the block clerk, Vacek, signify?
(a) He was a German soldier.
(b) He was a former Christian who converted to Judaism.
(c) He was Jewish.
(d) He was a former professional criminal.

3. What did the statement, "he has gone to the wire" refer to?
(a) Someone who dared to climb the barbed-wire fence and fell.
(b) A prisoner who was killed by running into the electrified fence.
(c) The birds sitting on the wire fences.
(d) A prisoner who escapes past the wired fence.

4. What was the name for a prisoner entrusted with special duties by the SS?
(a) Scharfuhrer.
(b) Oberaufseherin.
(c) Kapo.
(d) Funktionshaftling.

5. What was Vacek's first victim's handicap?
(a) He was missing his right leg.
(b) He was partially deaf.
(c) His right hand was paralyzed.
(d) He had a limp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of Vacek's commands to the lined-up prisoners in the yard of Block 11?

2. What was an Unterscharfuhrer?

3. What was the midday meal for prisoners?

4. Why did a prisoner approach Schlage as Schlage looked over the ranks of men?

5. Why were the prisoners who were forced to participate in the preparations for the exterminations separated into two groups at first?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were Filip and the others terrified as Aumeier and Grabner went from cell to cell in Block 11?

2. When Filip and the others were ordered to search and separate the victim's clothing in Chapter 2, how were the items sorted?

3. What dream did Filip have the night he and the others finished the burial of the corpses in the pit?

4. What were Filip's thoughts after he and Maurice were caught drinking tea and awaited punishment?

5. What did Vacek do when the men got in line behind the wooden tea vats?

6. How did Vacek come to be a block clerk at Auschwitz?

7. What did the lawyer in Chapter 1 do that cost him his life?

8. What was known as Auschwitz justice as it concerned lice?

9. What did Filip wonder about Stark as he thought of the man's actions at the camp?

10. Describe the midday lunch the men were given in Chapter 1.

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