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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, when a crowd of 1,000 people undressed, what did they begin to do when they realized they would be killed?
(a) They began to dress again.
(b) Cried and prayed silently.
(c) Threw their clothing at the German soldiers.
(d) Nothing.

2. What did the term "selection" mean at Birkenau and other camps?
(a) Chosen for a special job.
(b) Advance in rank.
(c) Being sent to an isolation cell.
(d) Extermination.

3. When the Nazis invaded Bohemia and Moravia in 1939, where were the Jews first removed from?
(a) The Civil Service.
(b) Swimming baths.
(c) Their homes.
(d) Shops.

4. What did members of the Family Camp think was happening when, after being warned, there was no violence towards them after a few days?
(a) There was still danger waiting for them.
(b) The other prisoners just wanted to involve them in a revolt.
(c) The SS had changed their minds.
(d) They were needed to prove the SS were good people.

5. What piece of evidence concerning the death camp did Filip obtain for the Resistance?
(a) Ashes from the ovens.
(b) The note about the Family Camp.
(c) Women's hair.
(d) Labels from Zyclon B gas tins.

6. Why were the people in the Family Camp asked to write letters to family and friends days before their extermination?
(a) To make it seem as though all was fine.
(b) So handwriting could be examined.
(c) To keep the prisoners busy.
(d) So officials could read them all first.

7. Why was Filip sent to Birkenau in October of 1942?
(a) To move up in the ranks of his job.
(b) To help with the burning of corpses.
(c) To bring chlorinated lime for the corpses.
(d) To join the Sonderkommando there.

8. Filip had one regret as he stood in the gas chamber, ready to die. What was it?
(a) He did not write a will.
(b) He forgot to say goodbye to the others.
(c) He did not help one person to get out alive.
(d) He did not have the hand grenades.

9. What did the so-called representative of the Foreign Ministry tell the crowd they could not leave without?
(a) Their clean clothing.
(b) A letter of introduction.
(c) A certificate of disinfection.
(d) A haircut.

10. What was an SS-Oberaufseherin?
(a) Head wardress.
(b) First lieutenant.
(c) Platoon sergeant.
(d) Working team.

11. How did patients who were brought to Birkenau from mental hospitals react to being told to undress before their execution?
(a) They resisted fiercely.
(b) With screams.
(c) With laughter.
(d) In different ways.

12. What was a "mussulman"?
(a) The prisoners who grew muscular from carrying heavy loads.
(b) A rank of officer.
(c) A prisoner who had lost the will to live.
(d) The kind of fish the SS men ate at dinner.

13. What did the girls in the gas chamber do to Filip?
(a) Asked for his help.
(b) Pushed him out the door.
(c) Thanked him for being there.
(d) Hugged him tightly.

14. What drew Filip near the people of the Family Camp as they were in the changing room?
(a) A common language, religion and culture.
(b) To warn them one more time.
(c) It was his job to be there.
(d) His anger at them.

15. What weaponry had Filip's group acquired as of the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Knives and hand grenades.
(b) Hand grenades, revolvers and pistols.
(c) Machine guns, hand grenades and revolvers.
(d) Shotguns and pistols.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the inmates of Birkenau think the Family Camp was under the protection of?

2. How was the crowd treated by the "representative of the Foreign Ministry"?

3. Why was the technique thought up by the Kommandofuhrers and known as "express work" originally used?

4. What did Filip encounter when he went to Crematorium 3 for the first time?

5. What plan did the Sonderkommandos devise to save themselves?

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