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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What piece of evidence concerning the death camp did Filip obtain for the Resistance?
(a) Women's hair.
(b) Labels from Zyclon B gas tins.
(c) The note about the Family Camp.
(d) Ashes from the ovens.

2. Where was it most difficult for a prisoner to go?
(a) The black wall.
(b) Ouside.
(c) The crematorium.
(d) The women's camp.

3. Why were the people in the Family Camp asked to write letters to family and friends days before their extermination?
(a) So handwriting could be examined.
(b) To make it seem as though all was fine.
(c) To keep the prisoners busy.
(d) So officials could read them all first.

4. What did Filip encounter when he went to Crematorium 3 for the first time?
(a) Stray hairs blowing in the wind.
(b) Women's hair being shaved off their heads.
(c) Hair being made into wigs.
(d) Women's hair drying on the brick floor.

5. Filip had one regret as he stood in the gas chamber, ready to die. What was it?
(a) He did not have the hand grenades.
(b) He did not write a will.
(c) He forgot to say goodbye to the others.
(d) He did not help one person to get out alive.

6. What did members of the Family Camp think was happening when, after being warned, there was no violence towards them after a few days?
(a) They were needed to prove the SS were good people.
(b) There was still danger waiting for them.
(c) The other prisoners just wanted to involve them in a revolt.
(d) The SS had changed their minds.

7. Why was Roehrig, a block senior, transferred to a penal company?
(a) He would not have his head shaved.
(b) He tried to help some Family Camp members escape.
(c) He stole a gold chain.
(d) He refused to use a truncheon on prisoners.

8. How did the Sonderkommando's doctor's wife try to follow him as he was being deported?
(a) She clung to his legs and was dragged along.
(b) She sewed a Star of David onto her coat.
(c) She bribed an SS man.
(d) She joined a crowd marked with the Star of David.

9. Why were the prisoners of the Sonderkommando at first kept away from the last group of prisoners to be killed in Chapter 3?
(a) So they would not have a chance to speak with them.
(b) To ensure the safety of the prisoners.
(c) The sight was too gruesome.
(d) There were not enough people to warrant their involvement.

10. How did the Family Camp react to the news that they would be gassed?
(a) With disbelief.
(b) With resignation.
(c) WIth panic and alarm.
(d) WIth prayers to God.

11. What did a female prisoner who was slowly stripping off her clothes do?
(a) Slammed her high heel into Quackernack's forehead.
(b) Punched Quackernack in the groin.
(c) Ripped her skin with her fingernails.
(d) Foamed at her mouth in madness.

12. What was "Canada" in the camp?
(a) Where belongings of Jews were stored.
(b) The area where the SS men ate their meals.
(c) The coldest section of the camp.
(d) An uncompleted camp where prisoners had no clothing.

13. What did Johann Gorges' nickname, Moische Borak, mean?
(a) Stonewall faced.
(b) Evil one.
(c) Ugly man.
(d) Beetroot face.

14. What happened to the Sonderkommando who told a woman in the crowd they were all to be exterminated?
(a) He was shot to death.
(b) He was gassed with the crowd.
(c) He was burned alive in front of the others.
(d) He was put into the general population.

15. Who pretended to be a representative of the Foreign Ministry to a crowd of people about to be gassed to death?
(a) Hossler.
(b) Schwarzhuber.
(c) Voss.
(d) Kaminski.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the girl, Yana, tell Filip to give to her boyfriend after she was dead?

2. What were SS men most likely to be bribed with?

3. What did the so-called representative of the Foreign Ministry tell the crowd they could not leave without?

4. What did some of the Family Camp prisoners shout as they awaited death in the crematorium?

5. What was a "mussulman"?

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