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Filip Müller
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Filip know Alfred Wetzler?
(a) From the crematorium.
(b) From school.
(c) From the Jewish ghetto.
(d) From Auschwitz.

2. Who was called the "Angel of Death" by the men in the Sonderkommando?
(a) Hossler.
(b) Hustek.
(c) Voss.
(d) Gorges.

3. What plan did the Sonderkommandos devise to save themselves?
(a) Inform the next Polish transport of their imminent death.
(b) Bribe every SS man that they knew would help them out.
(c) Escape in the middle of the night.
(d) Build an underground tunnel.

4. What was Auschwitz fashion?
(a) Imitating the SS through dress.
(b) Wearing striped suits.
(c) A coat with pockets for "organizing".
(d) Having a shaved head to avoid lice.

5. What did Filip encounter when he went to Crematorium 3 for the first time?
(a) Women's hair being shaved off their heads.
(b) Women's hair drying on the brick floor.
(c) Hair being made into wigs.
(d) Stray hairs blowing in the wind.

6. Where did the SS man who was posing as someone from the Foreign Ministry tell the people they were going?
(a) Poland.
(b) Back to Germany.
(c) England.
(d) Switzerland.

7. What happened to Daniel Obstbaum?
(a) He was shot trying to escape.
(b) He was given a week's special leave.
(c) He escaped with Fero Langer.
(d) He bribed Dobrowolny, an old schoolmate.

8. Where was it most difficult for a prisoner to go?
(a) The crematorium.
(b) The black wall.
(c) Ouside.
(d) The women's camp.

9. Who did the inmates of Birkenau think the Family Camp was under the protection of?
(a) The media.
(b) The Polish government.
(c) The International Red Cross.
(d) The League of Nations.

10. How did the Sonderkommando's doctor's wife try to follow him as he was being deported?
(a) She clung to his legs and was dragged along.
(b) She joined a crowd marked with the Star of David.
(c) She bribed an SS man.
(d) She sewed a Star of David onto her coat.

11. In Chapter 3, when a crowd of 1,000 people undressed, what did they begin to do when they realized they would be killed?
(a) They began to dress again.
(b) Threw their clothing at the German soldiers.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Cried and prayed silently.

12. What was a bum-boy?
(a) A bookkeeper.
(b) A prisoner who lost the will to live.
(c) A Polish prisoner.
(d) Someone who served Kapos and block seniors.

13. Where did one of Filip's team find a hand grenade?
(a) In the pocket of a dead Ukranian SS man.
(b) In an urn at Auschwitz.
(c) In the new Birkenau crematoria.
(d) In Bunker 1.

14. What weaponry had Filip's group acquired as of the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Machine guns, hand grenades and revolvers.
(b) Shotguns and pistols.
(c) Knives and hand grenades.
(d) Hand grenades, revolvers and pistols.

15. What did the SS men do as the prisoners from the Family Camp began to sing as they were pushed towards the gas chambers?
(a) Machine-gunned the last few to enter.
(b) Began to sing with them.
(c) Taped their mouths shut.
(d) Continued to beat the prisoners.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Filip was in the gas chamber, who did he look up to find surrounding him?

2. As Filip considered what his life would be like if he survived the war, he thought of running into the FS men. Who were they?

3. What piece of evidence concerning the death camp did Filip obtain for the Resistance?

4. Who took over the executions when a young mother threw her murdered child at Voss?

5. Filip had one regret as he stood in the gas chamber, ready to die. What was it?

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