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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 119.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After reading Peter's request, the Judge-General agrees. Which of the following best describes his reaction?
(a) He is certain there is nothing unsusal about the request.
(b) He is confused and wants to deliver the items himself.
(c) He is confused, but considers the request harmless.
(d) He desides the request is just an additional sign of guilt.

2. Which of the following is the Warder guarding the prisoners?
(a) Anders Peyna.
(b) Brandon.
(c) Niner.
(d) Beson.

3. One of the deliverers leaves Peter a note with the second object they delivered. What is in the note?
(a) An expression of belief in the prisoner's innocence.
(b) A warning that the prisoner's life is in danger.
(c) An expression of loyalty from both deliverers.
(d) An admission of guilt from the real murderer.

4. Why does the king's wife not use the wedding gift?
(a) She is too old for it.
(b) She does not like it.
(c) She is afraid of it.
(d) It does not fit.

5. Who is the one character that people in the kingdom sympathize with and do not immediately consider guilty?
(a) Peter.
(b) Roland.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Flagg.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Peter meet his best friend?

2. How many characters are searching for a way into the castle to help the prisoner?

3. What causes the king's death?

4. How does the murderer guarantee help with the plot to kill the queen?

5. When the king becomes ill, which of the following is a symptom?

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