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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Oskar agree to see Dr. Fein in Happiness, Happiness?

2. Which two career paths does Allen Black imagine for his son in Happiness, Happiness?

3. In his fourth message, what does Dad say the people in his tower are doing?

4. In Happiness, Happiness, what child actor does Jimmy make sexually explicit comments about?

5. How did Agnes Black Die on September 11, 2001?

Short Essay Questions

1. What decision does Oskar make at the end of Alive and Alone?

2. Why does the trip to Agnes Black's apartment stir Oskar's curiosity in Happiness, Happiness?

3. Describe Thomas's experience during the bombing of Dresden.

4. What does does Thomas tell his son about his and and his former wife's location at the beginning Why I'm Not Where You Are?

5. How does Thomas, Sr. discover he has a son in Why I'm Not where You Are?

6. What is Oskar's attitude toward Dr. Fein?

7. What is the living arrangement between Grandma and Thomas in Why I'm Not Where You Are?

8. What is revealed by the long jump at the beginning of The Sixth Borough?

9. What can Thomas not bring himself to tell Grandma at the end of Why I'm Not Where You Are?

10. What does Dad relate about optimism to Oskar in the The Sixth Borough?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the most whimsical and tragic figures of the novel is A.R. Smith, the old photographer the floor above Oskar. Write an essay about A.R. Black, his worldview, and his impetus to help Oskar on his quest. How does his extensive card catalogue reflect a particular worldview? What in his past could have contributed to this worldview? Why do you think that A.R. Black decides to join Oskar on his search, and why do you think 6 months is enough searching for him? Sum up by offering an opinion as to where he goes when he moves out of Oskar's building. Do you think he moves in with Ruth Black?

Essay Topic 2

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a novel told largely from the point of view of Oskar Schell, a nine-year-old living with his mother on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His life before the September 11th attacks was sheltered; after the attacks, he is consumed with anxieties he must overcome. Write an essay about three new experiences he has in the novel and how they affect him:

Part 1) When Oskar Schell begins his search for the key's lock, his first subject is Aaron Black of Corona. How is his journey into Corona an entirely new experience? Has he ever been to Queens before this point? What does he notice about Aaron Black's apartment building that is different from his own?

Part 2) When Oskar goes to Abe Black's place in Coney Island, he is suddenly compelled to do something by Abe that scares him. What is this action that terrifies Oskar? What essential fears stemming from his father's death does this action represent for Oskar?

Part 3) Discuss how Oskar Schell's interaction with Ruth Black represents his most extreme confrontation with the anxieties created by the September 11th attacks. What is he afraid of as he goes to her apartment? What thoughts consume him, and how does he deal with them?

Essay Topic 3

In many ways, a deceased parent will always seem more attractive to the a child sees and argues with every day. Write an essay comparing Thomas Schell, Jr., and Mom, based on Oskar's attitudes toward them. How does Oskar's impression of Mom suffer as a result of Thomas's death? What resentment does he develop towards her, and how does it manifest itself? Conversely, how does Oskar remember Thomas? Do you think that his image of his father has grown unfairly perfect in memory?

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