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Short Answer Questions

1. Which direction direction does the long jumper run across Manhattan in preparation for his jump to the Sixth Borough?

2. How fast is the Sixth Borough drifting away from New York in the story?

3. How does Thomas react to Anna's new that she is pregnant in Why I'm Not Where You Are?

4. In his letter in A Simple Solution to an Impossible Problem, what does Stephen Hawking admit wishing that he could be?

5. Which of the following is not evidence cited by Thomas Schell, Jr. of these existence of the Sixth Borough?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed by the long jump at the beginning of The Sixth Borough?

2. Why does the trip to Agnes Black's apartment stir Oskar's curiosity in Happiness, Happiness?

3. What does does Thomas tell his son about his and and his former wife's location at the beginning Why I'm Not Where You Are?

4. What does Dad relate about optimism to Oskar in the The Sixth Borough?

5. How does Oskar's presentation go at the beginning of Happiness, Happiness?

6. What is the living arrangement between Grandma and Thomas in Why I'm Not Where You Are?

7. How does the sixth borough's drift affect a boy and girl in the story?

8. In A Simple Solution to an Impossible Problem, what does William Black reveal is the purpose of the key?

9. What decision does Oskar make at the end of Alive and Alone?

10. How does Thomas, Sr. discover he has a son in Why I'm Not where You Are?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oskar Schell is a fearful child, and his fears can fall into two camps that are real and imagined. Write an essay discussing these two types of fear and how they manifest themselves in the novel. For example, how do Dr. Fein and Jimmy represent a very real, concrete adversity to Oskar? What genuine concerns for his life do they present? Conversely, discuss the imagined dangers that haunt Oskar throughout the novel. From where do these fears derive and how do they affect his daily life?

Essay Topic 2

The plot of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is riddled with absent fathers. Write an essay about the prevalence of absent father figures, focusing on the primary father-son relationship in each othe two primary story-lines. What is the reason for each father's absence? How does each father communicate with his estranged son on a daily basis without actually doing so? In summation, discuss what happens when the estranged father figure of one narrative meets the orphaned son of the other. How do they interact?

Essay Topic 3

The structure of the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is unusual from the beginning, with the mixing of different narrators and syntax styles, but Jonathan Safran Foer further muddies the narrative waters by having the narrative regularly interrupted by pages that contain something other than plot. Write an essay about these pages, discussing what their connection to the narrative is. Who, presumably, has inserted them into the novel and why? How does their inclusion affect the way the novel is perceived as an object? What does it become?

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