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Short Answer Questions

1. In A Simple Solution to an Impossible Problem, what does Oskar recall doing when dad calls on September 11, 2001?

2. In Why I'm Not Where You Are, Thomas admits to Grandma that during their absence he had sex with whom?

3. Which of the following is not evidence cited by Thomas Schell, Jr. of these existence of the Sixth Borough?

4. What is Thomas Schell order to do at the zoo in Why I'm Not Where You Are?

5. What type of lock does the key go with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does does Thomas tell his son about his and and his former wife's location at the beginning Why I'm Not Where You Are?

2. What does Oskar tell Thomas, Sr. over the course of Alive and Alone?

3. How does Thomas, Sr. discover he has a son in Why I'm Not where You Are?

4. What can Thomas not bring himself to tell Grandma at the end of Why I'm Not Where You Are?

5. What does Dad relate about optimism to Oskar in the The Sixth Borough?

6. In A Simple Solution to an Impossible Problem, what does William Black reveal is the purpose of the key?

7. How does the sixth borough's drift affect a boy and girl in the story?

8. Describe Thomas's experience during the bombing of Dresden.

9. What decision does Oskar make at the end of Alive and Alone?

10. How does Oskar overcome a phobia in Alive and Alone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is, at its roots, a study of human yearning for love in the face of brutal cataclysm. In the novel, characters lose each other and find each other in the crucible of tragedy. Write an essay about this in three parts:

Part 1) What is lost to the major character of the novel in the wake of the attack of September 11, 2001? How are existing bonds strengthened in the wake of this tragedy? In this paragraph, discuss the relationships among Oskar, Mom, and Grandma.

Part 2) Write a paragraph about the bombing of Dresden. How does this horrific event of World War II affect the Schell and Schmidt families? Who is lost in this bombing? How does the bombing, in the end, lead to another marriage and the birth of a child?

Part 3) In summation, discuss how a marriage that was destroyed by the memories of Dresden is reunited in the wake of September 11th. Who returns to whom in the aftermath? What characters begin to learn about their roots as a result of this reunion?

Essay Topic 2

The plot of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is riddled with absent fathers. Write an essay about the prevalence of absent father figures, focusing on the primary father-son relationship in each othe two primary story-lines. What is the reason for each father's absence? How does each father communicate with his estranged son on a daily basis without actually doing so? In summation, discuss what happens when the estranged father figure of one narrative meets the orphaned son of the other. How do they interact?

Essay Topic 3

Two objects in Oskar Schell's life consume him and hold him captive. They dictate how he feels and what he does with his life. Write an essay about these two items, the hold they have over Oskar, and how he resolves his connection to them:

Part 1) What is the significance of the phone and answering machine that Oskar keeps under his bed? Discuss the messages that are contained on it. Why does Oskar listen the them so often and never tell his mother about them. Who does he eventually play the messages for and why?

Part 2) Discuss the key that inspires Oskar to begin his city-wide quest. What clues about its significance emerge as he investigates? How does the key become the central driver of plot in the novel? What, in the end is the purpose of the key and how does learning this truth affect Oskar Schell?

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