Objects & Places from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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Central Park

Oskar regularly plays with his grandmother in this location.

Columbian Bakery

Oskar first meets his grandfather in this location.


This is a favorite ride of Abe Black in Coney Island.

Dresden, Germay

Four of Oskar Schell's ancestors lived in this city until its destruction in World War II.

Empire State Building

Oskar overcomes one of his phobias by taking a tour of this location.

Frazer and Sons

Oskar makes duplicates of his mysterious key in this location.

Ground Zero

Oskar considers this location a sacred site.


Oskar performs in a school production of this play.

Hiroshima, Japan

Oskar Schell does a school presentation about the destruction of this city.

Sixth Borough

Oskar's father tells him stories of this fictional location at bedtime.

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