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What The?

1. Which of the following is not a function Oskar Schell imagines for his talking teapot in What The?
(a) Sounds like a train.
(b) Recites Hamlet.
(c) Sings Yellow Submarine.
(d) Speaks like his father.

2. What command does Oskar refuse in his first jujitsu class?
(a) Kick his Sensei's crotch.
(b) Punch at another student.
(c) State his name.
(d) Bow.

3. What French expression does Oskar repeatedly use to refer to his mother?
(a) Raison d'etre.
(b) La vie en rose.
(c) D'est la vie.
(d) Bon vivante.

4. How does Oskar Schell meet Gerald Thompson in What The?
(a) Gerald is his Sensei in jujitsu class.
(b) Gerald is directing the school performance of Hamlet.
(c) Gerald drives the limo to his father's funeral.
(d) Gerald is dating his mother.

5. What logical reason does Oskar give for everyone in the world not being able to play Hamlet at the same time?
(a) No one could play the other roles.
(b) Half the world are women.
(c) There are not enough skulls.
(d) Many do not have access to the play.

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