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Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How must one come to the Lord?
(a) Slowly and patiently.
(b) Quietly, humbly, and confessing that He is everything and you are nothing.
(c) Confessing He knows everything and you know nothing.
(d) Quickly and quietly.

2. What new word does Guyon introduce?
(a) Hope.
(b) Love.
(c) Peace.
(d) Abandonment.

3. Guyon defines abandonment as what?
(a) Being the giving up of God.
(b) Being the giving up of oneself.
(c) Being left behind.
(d) Being the giving up of all needs.

4. What is another option for coming to Christ?
(a) Attending church services.
(b) Listening to a sermon.
(c) Donating to charities.
(d) Beholding the Lord.

5. The moment you feel God's presence lessening, what should you do?
(a) You must go to church.
(b) You must call to Him or offer words of love or joy.
(c) You must sit still.
(d) You must call a priest.

6. In loving the Lord, you will want to do what?
(a) Lose yourself.
(b) Please only Him.
(c) Please others.
(d) Forget yourself.

7. What does Guyon say the reader must do, like the Lord?
(a) Love others.
(b) Accept the cross.
(c) Enjoy the good times.
(d) Be kind.

8. She says that only who is of any value?
(a) Those who are able and willing to give themselves over fully forever.
(b) Those who try to give of themselves.
(c) Those who do God's work.
(d) Those who have gifts.

9. When focusing on overcoming this aspect, you are making them _________________ to overcome.
(a) Easier.
(b) Only slightly easier.
(c) More difficult.
(d) Somewhat easier.

10. Guyon concludes by reminding the reader what about the Lord?
(a) The Lord is patient.
(b) The Lord accepted the cross.
(c) The Lord is good.
(d) The Lord is loving.

11. Who does Guyon quote saying, "Love, then do what you please?"
(a) St. Augustine.
(b) St. Paul.
(c) St. Ezekiel.
(d) St. Peter.

12. Guyon says that the Lord Jesus loved His Father on Mt. Tabor where He was transfigured, but He loved Him no less where?
(a) When He was alone.
(b) When He was with His disciples.
(c) On Calvary where He was crucified.
(d) When He was surrounded by a crowd.

13. To what does "Your will be done" refer?
(a) Your will that God loves you.
(b) God's will that all His children love him.
(c) Your will that you can love God.
(d) God's will that He can love all his children.

14. How is the prayer life Guyon describes simple to attain?
(a) If one is quiet.
(b) If one has seen God.
(c) If one is a Christian.
(d) If one knows the way.

15. The person who follows this method will do what?
(a) Draw closer to God.
(b) Be unique.
(c) Understand God.
(d) Be happier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Is self-denial the answer for overcoming this aspect of ourselves that has been discussed in # 83?

2. Does Guyon believe there is hope for overcoming this aspect of oneself?

3. Does turning inward require practice?

4. The most important aspect of this prayer life, according to Guyon, is what?

5. What is Guyon's warning regarding the imagination?

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