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Short Answer Questions

1. What Hebrew name does Dov take for his own?

2. Where is the room Dov finds in Jerusalem?

3. What action does the British take for the continuing Arab brutality?

4. What is the departure point for the two place tickets Kitty has?

5. What is Kitty's response when Jordana thanks her for caring for Ari?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the question facing the Jews after they are granted a state?

2. Why does Ari dislike the order to attack the city of Abu Yesha?

3. What does Dov tell Karen about his desire to live during his time in the jail and hiding in the mountains?

4. What Biblical scene is compared to the death of Major Fred Caldwell?

5. Why does Kitty feel fear when she sees Karen leading the parade?

6. What prophecy seems to be fulfilled with the final battle against the Egyptians?

7. What are some of the issues faced by the pilot called Tex during his flight with the one hundred forty-two Yemenites?

8. What activities occupy the Jews forced to live underground in the Huleh Valley? What impact does this have on the people?

9. Why is Kitty angry over Ari's reaction to Zev's death?

10. What does Barak point out about the options the fleeing Arabs have available?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ari encounters a man named Captain Allan Bridges who warns Ari that he is being watched. What does Ari say about the man after he leaves? What does this say about the complex relationships between the warring factions?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the evolving relationship between Ari and Kitty.

Essay Topic 3

Compare Jordana's loss of David, Ari's loss of Dafna and Kitty's loss of her husband. How are they the same? How do the situations differ?

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