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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shipments of guns and other weapons arrive aboard what plane?
(a) The Exodus
(b) The Liberator
(c) The Fireside
(d) The Gan

2. What fate does Karen learn has befallen her father?
(a) He was tortured by the Gestapo
(b) He was taken hostage
(c) He was killed in Jerusalem
(d) He was imprisoned for his work with the Maccabees

3. What is Kitty's response when Jordana thanks her for caring for Ari?
(a) That she would have done the same for a wounded dog
(b) That she's glad she was available
(c) That she loves Ari
(d) That Karen did most of the work

4. What symbol is on the flags used by the British military?
(a) A skull and cross bones
(b) The Stars and Stripes
(c) The Union Jack
(d) A green leaf on red and white background

5. What does David say exists that could help get supplies to Jerusalem?
(a) A landing strip for supply planes
(b) A company of American tanks
(c) An old Roman road
(d) A river

Short Answer Questions

1. How had the Jews reclaimed the alkaline land of Beth Ha-Arava?

2. What role does Karen play in the performance that recreates the history of the Jews?

3. What disease attacks Barak?

4. What possession does each of the Yemenite men carry?

5. What action does the British take for the continuing Arab brutality?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem is created with the advance of the Jewish armies and the fall of Arab strongholds?

2. How does the newspaper in Tel Aviv report about the battles being won by the Jews? Why?

3. What is the question facing the Jews after they are granted a state?

4. What is the policy and the attitude of Israel as refugees pour in?

5. What Biblical scene is compared to the death of Major Fred Caldwell?

6. What is Barak Ben Canaan's task as the Jewish people seek intervention from the United Nations?

7. After the raid, Akiva is shot. Why does he then say that he must be taken to some hidden place?

8. What action do the Palmach night patrols take that makes life miserable for the Arabs in Safed and why is it successful?

9. Why is Kitty angry over Ari's reaction to Zev's death?

10. What effect does the radio cast have on the Jewish forces?

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