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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What possession does each of the Yemenite men carry?
(a) A Bible
(b) A Torah
(c) A child
(d) Bedding and food

2. What mistake does Barak say that Ari has made in understanding what Kitty wants from him?
(a) That he has mistaken tenderness for weakness
(b) That Kitty really wants only an affair
(c) That he doesn't have to crawl to her
(d) That he has mistaken love for lust

3. What ploy is used to board the ship carrying the arms from Naples?
(a) That a crew member is planning a mutiny
(b) That the ship is harboring a criminal
(c) That a crew member has set a bomb on the ship
(d) That the ship has someone on board with an infectious disease

4. What organization is called on to prevent the mass murder of Etzion settlements upon their surrender to the Arabs?
(a) The Red Cross
(b) The United Nations
(c) The British Military
(d) The American Military

5. What two things does Dov touch as he repeats the oath of the Maccabees?
(a) A pistol and a Bible
(b) A Bible and a statue
(c) A Toran and a knife
(d) A Koran and a pistol

Short Answer Questions

1. What favor does Barak ask of Ari?

2. What is the fate of the crew aboard the ship carrying arms from Naples?

3. What ballet performance do Kitty, Karen and Bruce Sutherland attend at the Habima National Theater?

4. Why is Zev not killed once he's caught in the barbed wire?

5. What advice does Ari give the farmers at Shoshanna bloc to aid in their battle against the Arabs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What "artificial" ammunition is used by Ari in his quest to protect Gan Dafna and why?

2. What is the policy and the attitude of Israel as refugees pour in?

3. Why is Kitty angry over Ari's reaction to Zev's death?

4. What effect does the radio cast have on the Jewish forces?

5. Why does Kitty feel fear when she sees Karen leading the parade?

6. What does Dov tell Karen about his desire to live during his time in the jail and hiding in the mountains?

7. What ploy had been used to rally the Arabs? Does it work?

8. What risky plan is concocted to get children out of Gan Dafna?

9. After the raid, Akiva is shot. Why does he then say that he must be taken to some hidden place?

10. What happens to the story of the situation involving the Vesuvius?

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