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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plan does Kitty have for Karen if Karen's father isn't found?
(a) To help her return to her foster parents
(b) To help her enter college
(c) To take her to Palestine
(d) To take her to the United States

2. What does Dov do upon his arrival at Auschwitz that saves his life?
(a) He says he's a master forger and proves it
(b) He pleads with a doctor to spare his life
(c) He says he's a master forger but refuses to use the skill
(d) He impressses a guard with his forgery

3. What in written on the sign over the entrance to Auschwitz?
(a) Here Jews Die
(b) Liberate by Wok
(c) Labor Liberates
(d) Labor and Liberation

4. What animals are roasted for the feast atop Mount Tabor?
(a) Calves
(b) Boars
(c) Lambs
(d) Zebras

5. What order does Caldwell give regarding the prisoner he's transporting to Jerusalem?
(a) To release him near his home
(b) To run over him
(c) To shoot him and make it look as if the boy had attacked Caldwell
(d) To kick him out of the car in a hostile Arab town

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the movement started by Herzl?

2. Where do Yakov and Jossi go to attend a secret meeting?

3. What does Dov demand in return for finishing the forgery project he's working on?

4. What was Theodor Herzl's financial condition?

5. Caldwell issues a statement regarding policy toward Jews. What does Cecil Bradshaw compare that statement to?

Short Essay Questions

1. David, one of the adults aboard the Exodus, is asked whether they should give in to demands and return the children to port. What is his reply?

2. Where did Karen Hansen Clement grow up?

3. What was the expectation when the Arabs sold land to the Jews and what was reality?

4. When journalist Theodor Herzl hears the cry of "Death to all Jews," he comes to the conclusion that was echoed by many other Jews. What was that conclusion?

5. What is the official role the British play in preparing the Exodus to sail?

6. What two things make Dov determined to go on after his capture from the Warsaw ghetto?

7. How does Karen bring herself into contact with Dov?

8. Describe the significance of the row of toilets in the concentration camp where the Orthodox Jews are being held.

9. What does Simon say about Jakov and Jossi attending the secret meetings?

10. What are Kamaal's conditions of the sale of land to the Jews?

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