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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ballet performance do Kitty, Karen and Bruce Sutherland attend at the Habima National Theater?
(a) Giselle
(b) The Nutcracker
(c) Swam Lake
(d) Sleeping Beauty

2. What does Kitty propose happen to the situation between herself and Kitty as they face the possibility of all out war?
(a) That Kitty and Jordana leave together
(b) That Kitty train to fight with the children
(c) That they put their personal differences aside
(d) That Kitty prepare for many wounded

3. What role does Karen play in the performance that recreates the history of the Jews?
(a) Dafna
(b) Mary
(c) Ruth
(d) Deborah

4. Who is the Jewish girl being tortured by Major Caldwell's men while he plays bride at the British Officer's Club?
(a) Jordana
(b) Alitha
(c) Aleene
(d) Ayala

5. Why is Zev not killed once he's caught in the barbed wire?
(a) The soldiers know Zev will die and don't want to waste ammunition
(b) The soldiers plan to take him alive to torture him
(c) The soldiers are giving Zev a chance to get away
(d) The soldiers want to save his life

6. What objective is attained when the Arabs bomb an area between the Jewish and Arab strongholds of Safed?
(a) Arabs use the rubble for cover during attacks
(b) A clearing is formed so that the Arabs have clear shots to their Jewish targets
(c) Jews use the rubble for cover during attacks
(d) A clearing is formed so that the Jews have better visibility

7. What possession does each of the Yemenite men carry?
(a) A Bible
(b) A Torah
(c) A child
(d) Bedding and food

8. Where are Dov and Akiva held after their capture?
(a) The Synagogue
(b) The Palestine Prison
(c) The Acre Jail
(d) Gan Dafna

9. Where do Ari and Mussa bury Akiva?
(a) Near Gan Dafna
(b) Near Elijah's Altar
(c) In Jerusalem
(d) Near Barak's home

10. What is the fate of the crew aboard the ship carrying arms from Naples?
(a) They are forced to walk the plank
(b) They are al killed
(c) They are given the opportunity to join the Jewish army
(d) They are put on a raft, given a compass and set adrift

11. What "thorny" problem remains after the end of the war?
(a) The question of what to do with the weapons
(b) The Arab refugees
(c) The loss of Jewish holy places
(d) The question of what the Jewish people should now do

12. What does Ari give Zev?
(a) A Bible
(b) A grenade
(c) A gun
(d) A bandage

13. What advice does Ari give the farmers at Shoshanna bloc to aid in their battle against the Arabs?
(a) To flee
(b) To make homemade ammunition and guns
(c) To use anger and Maltov cocktails
(d) To call for everyone to join in their fight

14. What arrangements are made for the children of Gan Dafna?
(a) To move to deeper underground bunkers
(b) To receive additional arms and training
(c) To be moved to Sharon-Tel Aviv
(d) To be moved to America

15. What is the name of the ship going from Naples with a cargo of guns?
(a) The Exodus
(b) The Versuvius
(c) The Barak
(d) The Liberator

Short Answer Questions

1. What name do the Jews give Wednesday, November 27, 1947?

2. Shipments of guns and other weapons arrive aboard what plane?

3. What organization is called on to prevent the mass murder of Etzion settlements upon their surrender to the Arabs?

4. How does Ari know that an attack against Gan Dafna is imminent?

5. Where is Barak sent from Flushing Meadow?

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