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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ari know that an attack against Gan Dafna is imminent?
(a) Trucks filled with guns are moved to Jerusalem
(b) Trucks filled with guns are moved to Fort Esther
(c) Men are moved to Fort Esther
(d) Men are moved to Jerusalem

2. What weapon does Ari use against Fort Esther and the two nearby villages?
(a) The Big Goliath
(b) Firecrackers
(c) The atom bomb
(d) The Little David

3. What is the first country to recognize the Jewish declaration of independence?
(a) The United States
(b) Spain
(c) Egypt
(d) Britain

4. What city becomes the first symbol of defiance for the new state?
(a) Tel Aviv
(b) Dan Gafna
(c) Negba
(d) Jerusalem

5. What is Kitty's response when Jordana thanks her for caring for Ari?
(a) That she loves Ari
(b) That she would have done the same for a wounded dog
(c) That Karen did most of the work
(d) That she's glad she was available

6. What arrangements are made for the children of Gan Dafna?
(a) To be moved to Sharon-Tel Aviv
(b) To move to deeper underground bunkers
(c) To receive additional arms and training
(d) To be moved to America

7. What happens to the British plan to turn Fort Esther over to the Jews?
(a) The British fire on the Arabs and the Jews
(b) The British destroy the fort
(c) The British change their minds and refuse to leave
(d) The British leave early and the Arabs take the fort

8. What name is used for Jerusalem?
(a) The Sacred City
(b) The New City
(c) The Old City
(d) The Garden of Eden

9. What spurs the farmers at Shoshanna bloc to such anger that they rout the Arabs?
(a) The sight of Jerusalem
(b) The sight of tanks in their flower beds
(c) The sight of mutilated Jews
(d) The ideal of Palestine

10. Where does Jordana say she and David met?
(a) At the university
(b) At Jerusalem
(c) At Gan Dafna
(d) At an archaeological dig

11. What advice does Ari give the farmers at Shoshanna bloc to aid in their battle against the Arabs?
(a) To use anger and Maltov cocktails
(b) To make homemade ammunition and guns
(c) To flee
(d) To call for everyone to join in their fight

12. What is the first attack against the ship carrying arms from Naples?
(a) A firefight at sea
(b) Mines planted on its sides
(c) Bombs dropped by planes
(d) A plea to remain in the port

13. What is the official response to the Arab contention that the Arab's love their land?
(a) That if they truly loved it, they could not have been forced from it
(b) That they must now learn to love some other land
(c) That they do love their land, just as the Jewish people
(d) That they cannot love their land or they would have taken better care of their crops

14. What name is used to purchase a plane for transporting arms to Palestine?
(a) A Lost Cause, Inc.
(b) Alpine Charter Flights, Inc.
(c) Arabs Forever, Inc
(d) Alpine Fighters, Inc.

15. What code name is given to the flights flown by Tex to bring in refugees?
(a) Operation Stretch
(b) Operation Exodus
(c) Operaion Genesis
(d) Operation Magic Carpet

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the road David helps establish?

2. What action does the British take for the continuing Arab brutality?

3. Why do the Arabs choose to attack Tirat Tsiv first?

4. What is the first phase of the defense of Gan Dafna?

5. Who takes over Fort Esther when the British evacuate?

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