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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ari say Safed has become?
(a) A problem
(b) A symbol of liberty
(c) A defensive nightmare
(d) A symbol of defiance

2. Where does Bruce Sutherland stay in Safed?
(a) Ramerez's resort hotel
(b) An underground bunker
(c) A villa
(d) A bomb shelter

3. What sentence is passed on Dov and Akiva?
(a) They are to be hanged
(b) They are to be killed in gas chambers
(c) They are to be shot
(d) They are to be released

4. What is Kitty's response when Jordana thanks her for caring for Ari?
(a) That she would have done the same for a wounded dog
(b) That she's glad she was available
(c) That she loves Ari
(d) That Karen did most of the work

5. What city becomes the first symbol of defiance for the new state?
(a) Negba
(b) Dan Gafna
(c) Jerusalem
(d) Tel Aviv

6. Shipments of guns and other weapons arrive aboard what plane?
(a) The Fireside
(b) The Exodus
(c) The Gan
(d) The Liberator

7. What promise is given regarding the ship's position within the harbor at Naples?
(a) That the ship won't be damaged
(b) That the ship won't be blown up inside the harbor
(c) That the ship won't be attacked
(d) That the ship will be emptied of arms

8. What news does Kitty give to Dr. Lieberman on the night before she is to leave for America?
(a) That she's in love with Ari
(b) That she's going to miss him
(c) That she's no longer going to treat the mentally ill patients
(d) That she's decided to stay at Gan Dafna

9. What is the fate of the crew aboard the ship carrying arms from Naples?
(a) They are put on a raft, given a compass and set adrift
(b) They are al killed
(c) They are forced to walk the plank
(d) They are given the opportunity to join the Jewish army

10. What possession does each of the Yemenite men carry?
(a) A Bible
(b) Bedding and food
(c) A Torah
(d) A child

11. What name is used to purchase a plane for transporting arms to Palestine?
(a) Alpine Charter Flights, Inc.
(b) A Lost Cause, Inc.
(c) Alpine Fighters, Inc.
(d) Arabs Forever, Inc

12. What challenge does Ari pose to Kitty at the Galilean Hotel?
(a) To remain in Palestine
(b) To swim to the raft
(c) To beat him at cards
(d) To race to a specific tree

13. What disease attacks Barak?
(a) Cancer
(b) Ulcers
(c) Heart trouble
(d) Arthritis

14. What does David say exists that could help get supplies to Jerusalem?
(a) A river
(b) A company of American tanks
(c) A landing strip for supply planes
(d) An old Roman road

15. What ballet performance do Kitty, Karen and Bruce Sutherland attend at the Habima National Theater?
(a) Giselle
(b) The Nutcracker
(c) Swam Lake
(d) Sleeping Beauty

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the fate of the seventy-seven Jewish doctors accompanying a Red Cross convoy that is attacked by the Arabs?

2. Who meets Kitty at a nearby motel after she nurses Ari back to health?

3. What name do the Jews give Wednesday, November 27, 1947?

4. What weapon do the Arabs come to believe the Jewish people have at their disposal?

5. What favor does Barak ask of Ari?

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