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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the official response to the Arab contention that the Arab's love their land?
(a) That they do love their land, just as the Jewish people
(b) That they must now learn to love some other land
(c) That they cannot love their land or they would have taken better care of their crops
(d) That if they truly loved it, they could not have been forced from it

2. What is the Karpathos?
(a) The school Karen where Karen learns to dance
(b) The camp where Karen teaches children
(c) The ship Karen sails on in her first effort to reach Palestine
(d) The ship Mark Parker sails on to arrive at Cyprus

3. What promise is given the captain of the ship carrying arms from Naples?
(a) That the arms won't be damaged
(b) That he won't be taken prisoner
(c) That they won't sink his ship
(d) That he will be rewarded for information

4. What name do the Jews give Wednesday, November 27, 1947?
(a) Black Thursday
(b) Black Wednesday
(c) Wonderful Wednesday
(d) Day of Death

5. What is the password on the night Dov Landau returns to Gan Dafna?
(a) Don't shoot
(b) Merry Christmas
(c) Happy Holiday
(d) Happy Hanuka

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Mark told to go upon his arrival?

2. What area is considered the most important place in the Caraolos camp?

3. What is the task Ari has for Dov Landau?

4. What is cited as the cause of death of Yakov and Jossi's mother?

5. What are the ages of the children aboard the ship?

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