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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fate does Karen learn has befallen her father?
(a) He was imprisoned for his work with the Maccabees
(b) He was taken hostage
(c) He was tortured by the Gestapo
(d) He was killed in Jerusalem

2. What name does Bruce Sutherland give to the plan to evacuate nonessential British personnel from Palestine?
(a) Operation Polly
(b) Operation Exit
(c) Operation Folly
(d) Operation Genesis

3. What does Dov demand in return for finishing the forgery project he's working on?
(a) That Karent be allowed to go with the group to Palestine
(b) That he and Karen be in the group to go to Palestine
(c) That he be allowed to go with the group to Palestine
(d) That he and Karen remain in the camp together

4. What excuse is used for Kitty, Karen and the children to travel to Daliyat where Ari is injured?
(a) That there's a funeral
(b) That there's a farewell party for Kitty
(c) That there's a wedding
(d) That Ari is injured

5. Why does Dov turn toward the wall after visiting with Karen?
(a) So that he doesn't have to look at anyone
(b) So no one will see that he's in love
(c) So no one can see him cry
(d) So he can sleep

Short Answer Questions

1. When Kitty asks why Ari doesn't request that she accompany him, what is David's response?

2. What is the name used by the radio announcer who declares the Israel has established an independent state?

3. Where are the inhabitants of Gan Dafna hiding during the shelling of their town?

4. Where are the sick children taken immediately after the standoff with the Exodus ends?

5. Why does Kitty agree to go to Caraolos?

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