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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapters 11-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Theodor Herzl's financial condition?
(a) He made lots of money with his writing, so was wealthy in his own right
(b) His wife was wealthy and provided him sufficient money
(c) He was from a wealthy family
(d) He was very poor

2. What is another name for Chanukah?
(a) Festival of Lights
(b) Festival of Lanterns
(c) Exodus
(d) Night of Lights

3. What is the name of the camp where Karen and the other refugees from the Exodus go to live?
(a) Dafna's Farm
(b) Dafna's Statue
(c) Gan Dafna
(d) Camp Dafna

4. Who does Kitty encounter pacing back and forth in the makeshift hospital as she leaves Karen's room?
(a) Ari
(b) David
(c) Mark Parker
(d) Dov Landau

5. Who is the woman David loves who is waiting for him in Palestine?
(a) Johnna
(b) Jordana
(c) Amy
(d) Katherine

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the room Dov finds in Jerusalem?

2. What task does Jordana have at the camp where she is stationed?

3. What acronym does Ari write on the fake British camp he establishes and what does he say it stands for?

4. What plan does Kitty have for Karen if Karen's father isn't found?

5. What instruction does Ari give Kitty as they enter the tent of the Bedouin sheik?

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