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Aliyah - The Hebrew word for going up or ascending that is used to designate the various waves of Jewish immigrants to Palestine.

Auschwitz / Birkenau - The 20,000 acres of Polish farmland cleared, fenced in and covered with crude housing for Jews and other populations the Germans want to eliminate from across Europe.

The Balfour Declaration - A letter dated Nov. 2, 1917, written by the British Foreign Minister to Jewish philanthropist Lord Rothschild declaring his government is in favor of and will work for establishing in Palestine a national homeland for the Jewish people.

Caraolos - The region of bay midway between Famagusta and Salamis on Cyprus that has been turned into a massive British detainment camp for Jews captured trying to enter Palestine without permission.

Committee of Imperial Defense (CID) - The British military agency charged with maintaining the status quo in rebellious colonies in the aftermath of...

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