Exodus Character Descriptions

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Ari Ben Canaan - The tall, husky, handsome but cold-eyed, chain-smoking crack agent of Mossad Aliyah Bet who arrives in Cyprus in 1947 by swimming to shore and is charged with spiriting children out of Gan Dafna.

Katherine Fremont - The all-American "girl-next-door" who studies nursing, elopes with equally all-American Tom Fremont and works in Chicago's Children's Hospital.

Karen Hansen Clement - A twinkle-eyed sixteen-year-old girl telling stories in the children's compound at the Caraolos detention camp and the person responsible for breaking Kitty Fremont's resolve not to become involved in "Operation Gideon."

Dov Landau - A reclusive, hate-filled, blond seventeen-year-old in the Caraolos detention camp on Cyprus. He withholds his expertise in forging documents from Operation Gideon until Ari Ben Canaan agrees that he and Karen will be aboard the Exodus.

Jossi Rabinsky / Barak Ben Canaan - The elder son of Simon and Sarah Rabinsky of Zhitomir...

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