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Book 1, Chapters 1-5 | Book 1, Chapters 6-7

• Mark Parker arrives in Cyprus expecting to meet his former friend, Kitty Fremont.

• Kitty and Mark meet later and discuss Kitty's life, including the loss of her daughter and husband.

• Members of Mossad Aliyah Bet meet and discuss the need to smuggle some three hundred Jews into Palestine.

• Bruce Sutherland recalls the horrors he witnessed and those he testified to after the war.

Book 1, Chapter 8 | Book 1, Chapters 9-10

• Ari Ben Canaan looks at the Caraolos camp for a way to smuggle out three hundred Jews.

• Rooms in the children's compound that serve as traditional classrooms by day become places to teach geography, tactics and weapons classes.

• Kitty and Mark encounter Ari who convinces Mark to work with him on a story and Kitty to visit Caraolos.

Book 1, Chapters 11-17

• Kitty encounters a young woman named Karen Hansen Clements, the daughter of a...

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