Exit West: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Mohsin Hamid
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1. In Chapter 1, how are Saeed and Nadia described?

Saeed and Nadia are described a young man and a young woman who are students. He has a beard, not a full beard, but a carefully maintained stubble. She always wears a flowing robe from her neck to her toes.

2. In Chapter 1, when Saeed asks Nadia to coffee, how much fighting has the city seen where they live?

The city has not seen any major fighting when Saeed speaks to Nadia for the first time. There had been some shootings and a few car bombings. The bombings had been mild and only seemed like the vibration one might feel from loudspeakers at a music concert.

3. Why is Saeed surprised when he sees Nadia's mode of transportation in Chapter 1?

Saeed sees Nadia in the student parking lot. Saeeds notices that she puts on a black motorcycle helmet. Then he is surprised to watch her straddle a 100 cc trail bike and ride off.

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