Objects & Places from Exit West: A Novel

Mohsin Hamid
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Nadia’s Record Player

This is something used to play music. It symbolizes individuality for its owner and helps alleviate loneliness.

Weed and Psychedelics

These help Nadia and Saeed find comfort in their city during the war. Marin using one of these temporarily helps Nadia and Saeed become closer again.

Hawk Building Nest

Saeed watches this from a window at his work. It symbolizes the hope that Saeed finds in his growing relationship with Nadia, and the work that he will have to put forth to have a relationship with her.


These lead to places around the world. They symbolize being able to escape and also the fear of going somewhere new.


These are desirable in peace time because they bring in light and air. In war time, they are a very fragile barrier to the dangers of war.

Nadia's Black Robe

This is something that...

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