Exit West: A Novel Fun Activities

Mohsin Hamid
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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask Hamid if you could interview him.

Migrants and Refugees

Research what is happening with migrants and refugees around the world today. Write a few paragraphs explaining what you learn. How do those experiences compare with Nadia and Saeed's experiences?

Travel Brochure

Nadia and Said tour Mykonos like tourists. Create a travel brochure describing and showing places that a tourist might visit.


Discuss with a group where you would want to go if you could travel through a door to a new place.

Nadia and Saeed

Draw a portrait of Nadia and Saeed.


Create a diorama of the mansion in London.

In the News

Imagine that you are a reporter and write a news article about the migrant situation in London at the time that Nadia and Saeed live there..

Exit West: The Movie

Imagine that you are...

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