Exit West: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mohsin Hamid
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Essay Topic 1

Nadia has a record player and enjoys listening to music when she lives in the city. How are individuals expected to conform in the city? How does the record player symbolize Nadia’s individuality and independence? How does the record player allow Nadia to make connections and overcome the isolation and loneliness that she often feels in the city?

Essay Topic 2

Many women who wear robes like the ones that Nadia wears are religious women who devote time to prayer. Is Nadia a religious person? Why does Nadia wear her robe? How does the robe symbolize Nadia’s desire to protect herself? What does the way that she continues to wear the robe reveal about Nadia and her self-protective instincts?

Essay Topic 3

Nadia adapts more easily to her new surroundings than Saeed. What was Nadia like in the city? How do those characteristics help her adapt...

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